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A brave and bold Budget 2021 is needed

Dr Claire Achmad - HeadshotDr Claire Achmad, Chief Executive, Social Service Providers Aotearoa

With Budget Day around the corner, focus is zooming in on the choices the Government will make about how to spend public money. In Aotearoa New Zealand, children are a quarter of our population. While most children and tamariki are doing well and growing up with what they need to thrive, this isn’t the reality for all of our youngest generation. The choices the Government makes in this year’s Budget could change this, and need to. Read more »

A Fresh Take on Apprenticeships

Jane Wenman_med sizeJane Wenman
Chief Executive | Careerforce

For many people, when they think of apprenticeships and apprentices, they’ll likely think of predominantly young people, and chances are they will also think hammers, nails, wrenches, wiring or u-bends.

Chances are they won’t think of apprenticeships across the ‘softer’ professions such as those across health and wellbeing. Read more »

Election 2020 political parties respond on community and voluntary sector

michelle-kitneyMichelle Kitney
Chief Executive | Volunteering New Zealand

Delivering on policy agendas relies on a partnership between the government and the community and voluntary sector.

Volunteering generates the flows of wellbeing, public service, community building and social cohesion that are necessary for our communities to grow and thrive.

Volunteering New Zealand’s Election Manifesto 2020 called on political parties to protect and grow the mahi aroha, volunteering effort and effect in Aotearoa New Zealand. Read more »

Breaking down barriers to social connection

LELlogoStdLockupMy mother tells stories of huddling in a bomb shelter with her whanau and neighbours, singing and joking as German bombs pounded our hometown of Swansea during the Second World War, flattening a large part of the town centre.

New Zealand, like the rest of the world, is now caught up in another global crisis, but instead of huddling together, people are facing unprecedented social restrictions in order to combat the spread of Covid-19. At a time of increased anxiety and hardship for many, we are required to isolate and distance ourselves from others as never before. Read more »

Everyday people achieving remarkable things

nicola-sutton-1websizeNicola Sutton

Chief Executive | English Language Partners New Zealand

Celebrating the remarkable people, all across New Zealand, who set out to learn new skills alongside an already busy life, is one benefit of running the Festival of Adult Learning Ahurei Ākoranga.  Thang Shalom Innkuan is one such learner.

Back then, “I didn’t know how to do anything. No friends, just my family, I didn’t have a car, anything.”

Read more »

Learning ‘What Works’ in Changing Times

Janet Miller

Organisation Manager | Community Research

Janet (1) (2)So much change has occurred for those of us working in the Community Sector this year. Though many of us are well acquainted with the term “pivot” we couldn’t have foreseen just how often it would be heard in NGO board meetings in 2020 to describe the many adjustments to our ways of working. We have seen rapidly changing levels of need in communities, and Government funding has flowed to the sector in ways that we would never have predicted pre Covid-19. As a sector committed to responding to need, we are accustomed to adapting to the circumstances in which we find ourselves, but the current rate of change is unprecedented. Read more »

Prompting and promoting participation

nicola-sutton-1websizeNicola Sutton

Chief Executive | English Language Partners New Zealand

Having more time to educate and support people to enrol and vote in the election is an upside of the date being moved to 17 October. But, how much do you know about participating in the election? Read more »

Community housing providers calling for bold, innovative action to fix the country’s housing crisis – participate in the webinar

Scott FigenshowScott Figenshow

Chief Executive | Community Housing Aotearoa

New Zealand’s community housing providers are asking politicians with their sights set on the Beehive to commit to bold, innovative action to fix the country’s housing crisis.  Community housing providers have written a ‘letter of expectations’ detailing a set of specific actions required in order for all New Zealanders to have somewhere that is safe, warm affordable and permanent to live.  Read more »

Elevating the voices of volunteers – state of volunteering 2020

full page infographicMichelle Kitney

Kaihautū – Chief Executive | Volunteering New Zealand

Volunteering New Zealand’s State of Volunteering Report 2020 released in early July presents a detailed view of the state of volunteering in Aotearoa New Zealand at a critical point in the nation’s history—just prior to the Level 4 lockdown being imposed as the Covid-19 pandemic hit our shores.

The report is supported by quantitative data from official sources, as well as responses received from the State of Volunteering online survey.

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Time for those in Parliament to listen to the voice of the Community Sector

Janet (1) (2)

Janet Miller

Organisation Manager | Community Research

“The view while one is in parliament that all change stems from there is far from correct. Nearly all causes with any value start outside parliament and are far ahead of parliamentary debates.  There is much more ability to change lives in the community than in parliament, particularly in the hands-off neoliberal age.” Liz Gordon The Daily Blog
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