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Largest Range Of Relocatable Homes In NZ

Press Release – Haines House Removals

The New Zealand property market has dominated headlines for the better part of a decade. The median house price seems to increase month-on-month, with no sign of the hot market cooling down any time in the near future. House ownership has long …

The New Zealand property market has dominated headlines for the better part of a decade. The median house price seems to increase month-on-month, with no sign of the hot market cooling down any time in the near future. House ownership has long been considered one of the most viable means for kiwis to establish financial security for the future and this idea of getting yourself onto the property ladder rings equally true today. However, with New Zealand’s ever-growing population, the supply of houses does not meet the demand for potential buyers. In addition to this, with global supply chain delays and rising costs of materials, new home builds are also becoming an increasingly difficult space to navigate. So if you are looking to get onto the housing market, or perhaps extend your current portfolio, you might be facing an uphill battle.

But don’t stress, there is an option that often goes overlooked – relocatable homes. Often, when purchasing a home, buyers are forced to compromise between the home itself and its physical location. Buying a house for relocation allows you to have the best of both worlds. If you have or are looking to buy a section of land in the perfect location for your lifestyle, you can then pair it up with a house that you also have your heart set on. While home relocation does require some earthworks to install the piles to place the relocated home, the turnaround time pales in comparison to what you would expect from building a new home. This means whether you’re looking to capitalise on the hot property market by adding to your current property portfolio on a newly purchased section or subdivision, or are just eager to get into your newly owned house, home relocation may be the perfect option for you.

Removal Homes has New Zealand’s largest selection of relocatable homes. Removal Homes has a yard located at 2 Garfield Road, Helensville, Auckland that holds 100’s of homes that are ready and waiting to be moved to their brand new sections. If you’ve ever been on a house hunt, you know how stressful it can be driving from open home to open home, spending every weekend for months searching for your perfect home. Now picture if all those open homes could be in one convenient location, allowing you to save all the time and hassle you would normally expect from house hunting. Removal Homes expert team can guide you through their impressive range of houses, listening to your unique requirements to help you find your perfect home.

There are homes and buildings to suit a large range of tastes. For instance, purchasing a relocatable home over a new home gives you access to historical villas, constructed with hardwoods and a level of care and detail that can be difficult to find in modern home builds. These homes were built to last and have stood the test of time. Recently sold was a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Auckland villa

“This delightful circa 1910 home is a master class in how Villas can transition into open-plan homes while still retaining plenty of character. Add value with some renovations and enjoy entertaining through large opening doors and windows off the kitchen and lounge. The wooden details of the ceilings, doors and window frames keep a certain amount of character whilst giving it a contemporary feel.”

An absolute diamond in the rough for any passionate DIY enthusiast with a passion for New Zealand’s unique architectural past. The ability to place such a unique home on a section of your own choice provides a wealth of opportunities.

For those looking for something less grand, there are plenty of humble kiwi houses at competitive prices that are sure to make any new homeowner happy. One such example is a 3 bedroom home described as:

“The classic Kiwi style home! Open plan living and Dining. The hard work has been done previously, with this house having a great Kitchen and Bathroom. The three Bedrooms need a little care and attention, and a few touches of general maintenance here and there, then this little beauty is all good to go.”

But Removal Homes doesn’t only offer homes, bungalows and villas. There is also a range of garages, sleepouts, and even single storeys that can be used to save costs on a home extension renovation.

Now you might be wondering what are the logistics involved in purchasing a house from Removal Home’s yard or another section, transporting it to its new location and setting it up ready to be inhabited. While the process may seem complicated, Removal Homes has over 30 years of experience in house relocation and can take care of the entire process. From the sale, through to earthworks and finally moving your relocatable home onto its new piles can be handled by the experienced team at Removal Homes. This allows you to save time and money whilst providing peace of mind that the relocation process is in safe, capable, experienced hands. Removal Home’s will project manage the entire move, ensuring a stress-free process with a high-quality outcome.

So if you are looking to buy a relocatable home as your next property project, make sure you get in contact with the team at Removal Homes. To see the incredible range of homes, villas, bungalows, and more Removal Homes has to offer, make sure you visit the Removal Homes Yard at 2 Garfield Road, Helensville, Auckland.

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