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Election 2020 political parties respond on community and voluntary sector

michelle-kitneyMichelle Kitney
Chief Executive | Volunteering New Zealand

Delivering on policy agendas relies on a partnership between the government and the community and voluntary sector.

Volunteering generates the flows of wellbeing, public service, community building and social cohesion that are necessary for our communities to grow and thrive.

Volunteering New Zealand’s Election Manifesto 2020 called on political parties to protect and grow the mahi aroha, volunteering effort and effect in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We have now published detailed responses from key political parties in relation to our manifesto

Volunteering New Zealand’s Manfiesto called on political parties to commit to four key asks:

  1. a minister for the community and voluntary sector that sits inside Cabinet
  2. collaboratively rejuvenating the government policy on volunteering
  3. funding a sector-led national strategy and action plan for volunteering
  4. developing well defined, intentional policy positions/statements on volunteering policy.

Party responses to our four key manifesto asks are outlined in the table below.

image 1

Social capital builds social connections, a sense of unity, pro-social norms and values, pro-social behaviour and trust in institutions. Through generating a sense of belonging, volunteering is a proven contributor to social capital.

As well as providing feedback on the volunteering manifesto, some parties also provided comments and feedback on wider issues relating to volunteering and the Community and Voluntary Sector.

Their comments can be grouped into three different themes:

1) the importance of volunteers in providing social services
2) increasing support and funding for the sector, and promoting volunteering
3) the role of volunteering in contributing to the social capital.

The table below summarises the Parties position on these themes.

image 2

Volunteering New Zealand is is an association of national volunteer-involving organisations that have a commitment to volunteering. We are committed to our members, to being the kaitiaki of mahi aroha, and to empowering volunteers to enrich Aotearoa New Zealand.

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