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Māori Language Week: Te Reo and workplace wellbeing

michelle-kitneyMichelle Kitney

Chief Executive | Volunteering New Zealand

To mark Te Wiki o te Reo Māori  | Māori Language Week we’re reflecting on the link between speaking te Reo at work and job satisfaction. There are many meaningful ways to learn and use te Reo and we hope to inspire you to try some of them. 

The extra benefits of embracing te Reo

New research from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) found that organisations that incorporate te Reo Māori in their workplaces benefit from increased job satisfaction. Essentially, te Reo Māori usage is beneficial from a Human Resource perspective as it fosters personal and organisational wellness.

In fact, incorporating Māori language, terminology and tikanga Māori “significantly enhanced” workplace mindfulness and job satisfaction, researchers found.

Organisations that incorporate te Reo Māori in their workplaces benefit from increased job satisfaction, new research from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) shows.

Meaningful learning

Here at VNZ I have been doing a weekly te Reo class in our lunch break. There is a group of us doing it together from our shared office space.

We have a really great teacher, Krissi from Kūwaha. Kūwaha means ‘entrance’ or ‘gateway’ and they aim to deliver tailor-made, high-quality professional development courses in te reo Māori to organisations located in Te Whanganui a Tara/Wellington.

Krissi creates a learning environment thats supportive, encouraging and safe. Learning te Reo with friends and colleagues has really made it meaningful. Because we are in a shared work space, we have the space to practice and support each other. It has also been great to have some more formal learning, building on what I have learnt informally or previously through school or whanau.

Te Reo Māori is a language for all New Zealanders. Let’s commit to try and get better at using it.

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