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Speech: Peters – Why Sell Out New Zealand?

Speech – New Zealand First Party

Rt. Hon Winston Peters Leader NZ First Address: Public Meeting Date: November 16 2011 Time: 12 noon Venue: Laurie Hall Park Laurie Hall Lane, Whangarei “Why Sell Out New Zealand?” Many New Zealanders hold grave fears about the next three years. …EMBARGOED AGAINST DELIVERY

Rt. Hon Winston Peters
Leader NZ First

Address: Public Meeting

Date: November 16 2011

Time: 12 noon

Venue: Laurie Hall Park
Laurie Hall Lane, Whangarei

“Why Sell Out New Zealand?”

Many New Zealanders hold grave fears about the next three years.

They are uneasy about the real agenda of the National Party and its allies.

They wonder why what will be done is so important that only the National Party can rule.

National has gone to incredible lengths to take over the Act Party and to gerrymander provincial electorates so National candidates face the most limited opposition.

It is bizarre – a prime minister telling the people of an electorate to vote for another party.

It is bizarre for a candidate to campaign for an opponent.

This is happening because of the asset sales programme that National is about to embark on and the dual system of government being secretly arranged.

New Zealand will never be the same.

And whilst we are on the matter of the Tea Party tape. How is your memory?

• How many subjects can two people cover in just over eight minutes?

• How could someone with a self reputation for brilliance, detail, and instant analysis, suddenly loose his memory?

• How could someone who planned the event, the Tea Party, was at all times in control of it, had promoted it as a long teased out PR stunt?:

• Not recall the conversation yet say
• the conversation was bland
• And with an image of being ‘a good bloke’ who drinks beer out of a bottle, that is, a ‘real bloke’, be behind all this Bovine Scatology?

• How did Mr. Key end up dumping on the old people?
• How did your Prime Minister end up dumping on his publicly announced coalition partner, Mr. Brash?
• What else did Mr. Key refer to on the matter of Mr.Brash? For this is really serious.

Why does the media not publish the tape contents? Mr. Key says the comments are bland. Your former MP says the comments are innocuous so why humbug around and not publish? If the comments are bland and innocuous yet illegally taped (which they were not) then the scope of a fine is so low and the public interest so high that the media have a duty to publish.

Or is there one rule for National and John Key and another rule for all the rest of us?

It’s important for older people to know that National has a hidden agenda and their policies will reflect that. Older people will be targeted and their only insurance is Winston Peters and NZ First.

For the past three years the country has been led by people who believe they are the majority shareholders and the directors of a company called New Zealand Ltd.

They see the country as a collection of assets that can be privatized, bartered and sold.

Their mission is to sell up, get what they can out of it and then shoot through.
Most of us see our country through the eyes of patriots.

We love our rural landscape, our lakes and rivers, our wonderful coastline, our mountains and our forests.

We believe the affairs of our country should be run in a businesslike manner – but we reject any idea that we are some sort of business that can be taken over and sold.

National and its allies see New Zealand through different eyes.

Their vision is narrow and fixed on an end “financial” result.

They come from a world of wheeler dealers, a world of futures traders, a world of speculators, ticket clippers and paper shufflers.

Their world worships money and the accumulation of it.

This attitude has brought much of the western world to its knees.

Greed and corruption and speculation have exposed their brand of capitalism as the enemy of ordinary people.

And around the world ordinary people are rising up to protest against the price of food and the way their countries are being reorganized by groups of bankers and financiers.

Bankers and financiers are not known for their overwhelming humanity.

They do not mind being loathed and reviled by decent people who are only trying to feed their families and pay their mortgages.

They do not mind because they make money when things are good and they make money when things are bad.

They are like bookmakers at the races. They gear the books so they always win.

This is the mentality that you are up against and like you, New Zealand First does not want New Zealand chopped up and sold to overseas interests.

In fact, we can’t believe how any loyal citizen would want someone else to own his country.

How can we belong in a country that we do not own?

Nobody except New Zealand First is talking about the big land and property grabs that are being kept under wraps until after the election.

Thousands of hectares of prime dairy farmland is going to be sold to a company set up by the communist government of China.

The National Party is going to rubberstamp this deal after the election.

Likewise, your power stations, your airline and your coalmines are going to be sold.

Mark my words, once you lose your farms, your power stations, your airline and the rest of your energy resources, there’s not going to be a lot left for your children and grandchildren.

And unfortunately there’s more.

In 2008 National did not tell voters that it would take the foreshore and seabed out of Crown ownership.

But that was exactly what it did.

National and the Maori Party and its other allies rammed through legislation that took the foreshore and seabed away from public ownership.

Crown ownership meant we all owned the foreshore and seabed.

That is what the law said for centuries until some political and judicial mischief makers started stirring the pot.

The new foreshore and seabed act extinguished Crown ownership of our beautiful beaches and mineral-rich seabed.

Tribal customary ownership will include all aquaculture and non-crown mineral rights, including potentially, very large amounts of iron-sands, as well as occupation rentals, and vetoes on many types of development.

The Act allows secret deals to be made between the government and a tribal group, with no involvement of the public or other stakeholders, until after a binding agreement is signed.
At present National is negotiating away four areas of coastline in secret meetings.
Of course they won’t talk about it!

Now we in New Zealand First were always mindful of the traditional rights of Maori.

We guaranteed those traditional rights and indeed worked out a form of shared responsibility with Ngati Porou with the coastline off their tribal land.

Ownership of the foreshore and seabed was never part of Maori society. For Maori it was a source of kai and a means of travel.

They never regarded themselves as owners but they did act as guardians.

What I have been telling you is the reason why New Zealand First is heading for the Opposition in Parliament.

We will not be part of this big sellout and giveaway.

It is our job to stop it.

It is our job to make these people see reason.

It is our job to protect the interests of the people.

That is why New Zealand First is not going with National.

New Zealand First is not going with Labour.

New Zealand First is not going with the Greens or the Maori Party.

There is too much at stake.

Do you know the Greens policy on the Treaty?

They want it to be the living constitutional document of Aotearoa.

The Greens also want a separate Maori justice system.

We could not live with that!

New Zealand First stands for a fair go for everyone.

We believe in the democratic process.

We will use the democratic process to stop the sale of New Zealand and the division of New Zealand.

No other party will do this but we can with your help.

We believe in MMP because we remember First Past the Post. You all remember – the sixteen billion dollars of asset sales by first Labour and then National under FPP.
And we’ve been paying for it ever since.

MMP is criticized by those who believe they are born to rule – and don’t ever forget your one safeguard.

And that is to not let any political party in New Zealand govern alone under any circumstances. It is simply too dangerous!

So when you vote – vote for New Zealand.

Give your party vote to New Zealand First.


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