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Peters: Tauranga Public Meeting

Speech – New Zealand First Party

Well the truth will be out shortly about… 1. How some politicians conduct themselves over another parties internal leadership problems 2. What the Prime Minister really thinks of those New Zealanders, many of whom went through a great depression, a world …EMBARGOED AGAINST DELIVERY

Rt. Hon Winston Peters
Leader NZ First

Address: Public Meeting

Date: November 15 2011

Time: 12 noon

Venue: Red Square

“The Real Issues Are Hidden”

Here we are in the midst of another election and the biggest issue today is what happened over a cup of tea…

Well the truth will be out shortly about…

1. How some politicians conduct themselves over another parties internal leadership problems

2. What the Prime Minister really thinks of those New Zealanders, many of whom went through a great depression, a world war, and during and after those events built a great country without peer in the world in delivering economic prosperity and social justice.

Those two issues were discussed behind a glass wall of silence at an Auckland café just the other day

Meanwhile the real issues of this election are also locked behind a wall of silence.

In New Zealand First we tell you what we think.

And let me assure you from the outset, that we are not getting involved in any deals being done between National and Act and the Maori Party and Labour and or the Greens.

If you look abroad, from the Arab countries of the Middle East, to the United States and the UK, all around the world, everywhere you look, bankers and traders and brokers and speculators and currency dealers and all the other “ticket clippers” out there are hated. Reviled.

Many of them are in jail, and many more should be; instead they are keeping their heads down, hoping to avoid mobs with pitchforks.

For it is these people whop created the global financial crisis and around the world people have just woken up to it.

This government has presided over the largest deficits in New Zealand history.

That did not happen to smart countries like Singapore and Norway, but because of our leadership or lack of it is happening to us. And to add salt to economic wounds this government’s plot is to sell more of our high earning assets when the market is at its worst.

What sort of financial geniuses do this?

New Zealand First stands for working people and for genuine wealth creators. The sole traders, small businesses, trades men and women – New Zealanders who work hard, pay their taxes, employ people, who make things.

We stand for them!

And we stand against the speculators the spongers and the manipulators who treat our country and its economy like its some great, grand, grotesque game of Monopoly. It’s not a game. These are our lives, our children’s futures. And its time the paper shufflers – this self-enriching class of parasites and bludgers – was called to account.

Party members have made their views very clear about where they want New Zealand First to be after the election. And again here it is.

New Zealand First is not going with National.

New Zealand First is not going with Labour either.

New Zealand First is not going with the Greens or the Maori Party.
There is too much at stake.

Do you know the Greens policy on the Treaty?

Read their website ”We are committed to honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the living constitutional document of Aotearoa.”

The Greens also want a separate Maori justice system.

We could not live with that!

On this issue they are another branch of the Maori Party.

We believe in the democratic process.

We believe in MMP because we remember First Past the Post. You all remember – the sixteen billion of asset sales by first Labour and then National under FPP.

And we’ve been paying for it ever since.

MMP is criticized by those who believe they are born to rule.

We believe that the party that gets the most votes should at least try to form the next government.

But there’s one condition – the one safeguard that voters have – the one get out of jail card.

And that is to not let any political party in New Zealand govern alone under any circumstances. It is simply too dangerous!

Even in the National Party there are many that believe there needs to be checks and balances – that one party going it alone is dangerous for New Zealand.

The real issues that the other parties are running away from, in part or total, are these:

1. The sale of our power stations, our airline and our mines to foreign companies.

2. The sale of our prime dairy farms to a company owned by the communist government of China.

3. The secret Trans Pacific Free Trade deal involving New Zealand selling out to economies like the United States.

4. The separatist policies of other parties that are making two classes of New Zealanders.
Many New Zealanders are facing tough times.

Those at the top of the heap are doing very nicely thanks to the generosity of their mates in the National Party.

For those battlers trying to bring up families on low and middle wages and high prices the situation is not good.

That’s why New Zealand First is standing alongside the people who have every right to be demanding a fair go. We don’t accept the ever widening gap between the haves and the have-nots.

Once this country was the envy of the world.

We had social systems in place that gave everybody a fair go in life.

New Zealand First has always believed in that.

That is why we will ensure that the gain is shared.

That is why we will ensure that the pain is shared.

At present the gain is going to the top and the pain to the bottom.

And New Zealand First will fight for one set of laws for everybody no matter who they are and what they are.

The welfare system that existed when we grew up did not base its work on the colour of our skins.

It went where there was need and it worked with families that were needy.

You did not have to be a member of a particular tribe.

Everybody was treated according to their problems.

Since this unhappy association started between the National Party and the Maori Party there has been a greater lurch towards separatism than any other time in our history.

There is a negative racial creep sneaking through our systems. Voluntary groups that make a huge contribution to our society have had their funding cut for something called whanau ora.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Maori don’t need a separate welfare system. They need

1. Proper Housing
2. A decent Education and skills system
3. Proper Health care
4. And Employment with first world wages

Come to think of it, that’s what everybody wants, here in New Zealand and the world over.

And Maori don’t need their own prison system – a self perpetuating, profit taking, mistake.

It makes one sick to think that some so-called Maori leaders regard Maori prison units as progress for their people.

We say the answer is to keep these guys out of prison. If they go off the rails, then arrest their circumstances, and make them sort their lives out.

That’s why New Zealand First is going to bring in basic trade training and pay employers the dole to give these young New Zealander’s a job – without booze and drugs.

If the taxpayers are going to give them another chance, it’s up to them to make something of it.

But we won’t be asking which iwi they are from or whether they need to be immersed in some whanau ora psycho drama.

At this stage lets ask you some simple questions. Under this government:

1. How many flags does New Zealand now have? One or two.
2. Are you aware that New Zealand is going to have a constitution with the Treaty of Waitangi as its cornerstone?

3. Did you know that the Treaty is going to be written into our laws so that one race is treated differently in our legal system?

4. Did you know that National and the Maori Party signed a declaration of indigenous rights at the United Nations that means one racial group gets preference?

5. Did you know that the National Party is negotiating behind closed doors with at least four iwi groups to give them customary title of the foreshore and seabed in their areas?

6. Did you know that customary title will give virtual ownership of much of the foreshore and seabed to these groups and you will not have any say in it?

7. And did you know that for ordinary Maori struggling to make ends meet, they will get nothing – even though the demands are made in their name?

They won’t get a flounder or a blanket out of it
Those of you who are Maori here today, tell me now whether you’ve got one metre of land from it, one fish, or one tree out of it?

You and I know that it is all going to the new privileged class of corporate Maori who back the Maori Party and National Party cartel.

There is a way that this separatism can be stopped in its tracks.

There is a way that everybody can be treated equally.

There is a way that everyone can get a fair go – in the same country under the same laws.

That way ladies and gentlemen is with New Zealand First.

Give us the votes and we, in return will give you a fair go.

Party Vote New Zealand First – for a FAIR GO.


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