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A better life for all

gill_greer_prencwGill Greer
National Council of Women of NZ

My grandmother spoke English with a very heavy German accent, having learned it from her parents as a small child. She left school at 12, and went on to run a general store in Upper Atiamuri as if she had an MBA. When I began university at 16, I learned German, and when she asked me to “say something in German” I’d recite, “ein, zwei, vier, funf, sechs” several times while she smiled. I did it to please her. Belatedly, I realised that when people are denied the chance to learn their own language their loss goes far beyond words. Read more »

A Royal Salute?

P1050738 (2)Phil McCarthy
Prison Fellowship of New Zealand

Significant change can have the effect of generating introspection.  In a month or three, I’m going to have a second go at retiring.  I’m a baby-boomer with 38 years central Government experience and more recently, 4 years as CE of a small NGO. Read more »

Building a wall – who’ll pay for ours?

Dr Katie Bruce
Just Speak

Walls. A campaign promise and a metaphor. Barriers, exclusion, racism and hate threaten values of equality, peace and hope. But we’re better than that. That would never happen here. We can be secure in our moral outrage here in Aotearoa right?

Right now it’s pretty easy to in a perpetual state of outrage as the new US President signs order after order and strips away hard fought-for rights, freedoms and opportunities. I marched. I marched with my husband and our son to mark our outrage. To show solidarity with those who are already suffering and those who will. To show solidarity with those who marched for the first time and those who wonder why they have to march again for the same things they marched for 50 years ago. Read more »

Open Government Partnership – will it help me and my organisation?

photo of dave HendersonDave Henderson
External Relations Manager
Hui E!

Recently I was sponsored to attend International Civil Society Week (ICSW) in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. It’s far from Colombia’s Caribbean beach resorts like Cartagena, being in the foothills of the northern Andes, but it’s a very liveable city.

Contrary to all the media focus on kidnappings and the long guerrilla war with FARC and other rebel groups, Colombia is making great headway towards internal peace. The involvement of civil society organisations in that process made it a very real place to hold the ICSW. The theme was “Active Citizens – Accountable Actions”. Read more »

NGOs and trade unions – natural allies in making NGOs great places to work

Brenda photoBrenda Pilott, National Manager
Social Service Providers Aotearoa

I’ve just joined Social Service Providers Aotearoa as its national manager, after a decade working for the PSA, NZ’s largest union which includes thousands of community sector workers amongst its membership.  So I came to the job with some views about NGOs as employers and how they treat their staff.  I also brought with me a strong view that unions and NGOs are natural allies. Read more »

Sustainability and social enterprise: questions, questions, questions

Ros 2015 short hairRos Rice, Executive Officer,
Community Networks Aotearoa

Is sustainability in the NFP community actually possible?  It’s something we hear about a great deal, and yet it is probably the most difficult thing to achieve.

It presumes that we should all be able to access regular funding or funds that will enable us to survive without going to Government or to Philanthropic organisations again, but where does this ‘magic’ supply of money come from. Read more »

Money Week happens once a year but what about the future?

Raewyn FoxRaewyn Fox, CEO
The NZ Federation of Family Budgeting Services

For the past few days I have been involved in some ‘Money Week’ activities and talking to people about planning in relation to finances. Money week is focussed around helping people understand their financial situation and encouraging people to have good financial plans, goal-setting, having a good budget (and sticking to it) and getting rid of debt are all good things to include in your plan. Having done all this you are sorted for the short term, but what about the future? Read more »

Outcome Plus – the added value from community social services

photo of Trevor McGlincheyTrevor McGlinchey, Executive Officer, New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services

More social services are being delivered by for-profit, commercially driven organisations. Over past years this has been most apparent in the provision of services for older people such as community based in-home care or residential based retirement homes.   More recently there have been increases in for-profit provision in early child-hood education, in supporting people with disabilities back into work and even providing foster care for Child Youth and Family.  Government is clear, it doesn’t care who delivers the outcomes, so long as they are delivered and reported on then that is all that matters.  For government contracting agencies commercial organisations are easy to deal with, good at writing tenders and reporting their successes – so why not use them? Read more »

NZAGE Summit

Press Release – NZAGE

NZAGE Summit

Thursday, 15 October 2015

NZAGE is delighted to announce that registrations for our 2015 Summit and Industry Awards Dinner are now open!

The 2015 NZAGE Summit ‘Daring to be different’ proudly supported by CPA Australia and AttractHQ will bring together New Zealand graduate and ‘youth’ employers, suppliers and tertiary providers across all industries for an informative and interactive day of presentations, panel sessions and workshops.

The aim of this event is to explore the key issues and challenges facing the graduate industry, while providing delegates with the opportunity to explore solutions, share ideas and hear about recent trends from industry experts.

This full day event is open to graduate and wider youth employers, suppliers, those interested in establishing Graduate programmes or youth strategies in their organisation, tertiary providers, career counsellors or anyone involved in attraction, selection and development of graduates and youth in their organisation.

Confirmed keynote speakers and industry leaders include:

Rebecca Milne (Partner at Aera Foundation, founded by entrepreneur Derek Handley);

Terry Shubkin (CEO Young Enterprise Trust and finalist in the 2015 Women of influence awards);

Kate Peterson (Consulting and Executive Development leader who has previously held a number of General Management and executive HR roles within Meridian Energy, PGG Wrightson and Lion Australasia).

As well as a great line up of speakers attendees will participate in workshops from NZAGE’s own Survey research team discussing the 2015 Candidate and Employer Surveys, Tertiary Career Development and Employment Services mangers, NZAGE Industry awards category finalists and more.

In addition to the full-day conference programme, the NZAGE are proud to present the 3rd Annual NZAGE Industry Awards ceremony as part of the Summit dinner. The Industry Awards Dinner is where we celebrate best practice in the recruitment, selection and development of graduate talent, and award industry excellence.

2015 has been a big year for NZAGE. We have seen the largest number of NZAGE award entries ever and the largest level of responses to our NZAGE Employer and Candidate Surveys. Join the team for an action packed conference which represents one of the most comprehensive and cost effective events for anyone with an interest in the graduate and youth space. Tim Watts (Chairperson NZAGE)

For more information about the Summit and Awards please visit our website



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