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Q+A: Simon Bridges interviewed by Corin Dann

Press Release – TVNZ

Tricky trade-offs and balances on climate change says Simon Bridges. Nationals leader says the party is committed to tackling climate change but it says there are some scientific questions that needed to be answered about carbon dioxide versus … Read more »

Will Malaysia pull out of the CPTPP?

Press Release – NZPTV

News via AFTINET reports that Malaysias new Prime Minister Dr Mahathir made a brief but stunning statement in a media conference in Japan, saying that he will review the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership … Read more »

Economist warns Free Trade Agreements can be “job killers”

Press Release – NZPTV

In an interview recorded for an upcoming documentary by award-winning filmmaker Bryan Bruce, Nobel Prize Winning economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz says, New Zealand should have taken much more time over getting into the Comprehensive And Progressive … Read more »

Colombia seeks to join CPTPP Pacific Rim trade pact

Article – BusinessDesk

June 8 (BusinessDesk) – Colombia is the latest country to seek admission to the trans-Pacific trade pact, the CPTPP, which US President Donald Trump tried to kill off. Read more »

Select committee rubber-stamps the TPPA

Press Release – It’s Our Future

The select committee has delivered a six-page disappointment that fails to do justice to the issues raised in hundreds of public submissions, which were overwhelmingly opposed to ratification of the resurrected TPPA, says Oliver Hailes, spokesperson … Read more »

Green Party mourns passing of Kingi Taurua

Press Release – Green Party

He mihi tnei ki ng mate kua whetrangitia ki te korowai o Ranginui. E te rangatira, e matua Kingi, hoki atu ki te poho o te whenua, ki ng ringaringa o ng mtua tpuna. Takoto mai, takoto mai, takoto mai r. Read more »

EU-Australia trade talks quietly dump investor rights

Press Release – AFTINET

We welcome the fact that the EU mandate for the EU Australia FTA talks has dumped the controversial rights for foreign investors to sue governments in international tribunals, known as ISDS, because European courts have found that ISDS cases have … Read more »

Parliament: Questions and Answers – May 23

Press Release – Hansard

Question No. 1Prime Minister 1. Hon PAULA BENNETT (Deputy LeaderNational) to the Prime Minister : Does she stand by all of her Government’s policies and actions? Rt Hon JACINDA ARDERN (Prime Minister) : Yes. Hon Paula Bennett : Can she confirm … Read more »

Business sector upbeat about NZ-EU trade talks

Article – BusinessDesk

May 23 (BusinessDesk) – News that trade negotiations will begin between New Zealand and the European Union, the country’s third-largest trading partner, has been well received by local business chiefs. Read more »

Visit reinforces strength of New Zealand-Japan relationship

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters departs Tokyo this evening following a productive three-day visit to Japan. Read more »

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