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Gordon Campbell: Which way will New Zealand First jump?

Column – Gordon Campbell

How relevant will Peters treat his own party policy to his final decision? by Gordon Campbell Read more »

TPP negotiations should not bind the new incoming government

Press Release – Green Party

Nationals last minute pitch to get the Trans Pacific Partnership 11 (TPP-11) agreement across the line just days before the general election should not bind the new incoming government, the Green Party said today. Read more »

Who To Vote For To Ensure A More Open Government

Article – Joseph Cederwall

This is the second part in Scoops Opening the Election 2017 series on Open Government. If you are still wondering what open government is, and why it is important to NZ then the first article is a good start for you . Read more »

McClay’s claims of economic gains from TPPA-11 discredited

Press Release – University of Auckland

Last month, trade minister Todd McClay claimed the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement minus the US (TPPA-11) could still add $2.5 billion annually to our economy and eliminate costly tariffs saving New Zealand companies $222 million each year. Read more »

Water Charges: Labour And National

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

Rt Hon Winston Peters New Zealand First Leader Member of Parliament for Northland 20 SEPTEMBER 2017 Read more »

TPP claims debunked by senior UN economist

Press Release – AFTINET

A new economic study has completely undermined previous claims that the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement without access to the giant US market would still result in significant economic gains for the remaining 11 countries, AFTINET Convener Dr … Read more »

Don’t use TPPA-11 talks to stop the changes Kiwis want

Press Release – Council of Trade Unions

“National should not be pretending to other TPPA countries that it can make commitments on behalf of New Zealand three days before a General Election,” says CTU Secretary Sam Huggard. Read more »

Q+A: Jacinda Ardern

Press Release – TVNZ

One week left on the election campaign trail Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern TVNZs Corin Dann asked Labour leader Jacinda Ardern on Q+A this morning if she would raise the age of superannuation. Read more »

Secret TPP talks smack of desperation from National

Press Release – Green Party

Secret TPP talks smack of desperation from National Nationals last minute ditch to get the Trans Pacific Partnership 11 agreement across the line just a day before the general election smacks of desperation, the Green Party said today. The comments … Read more »

Gordon Campbell on National’s Mickey Mouse policies on trade

Column – Gordon Campbell

S upposedly, trade is war by other means, and the rationale for it seems just as empty-headed. Once again, the free trade = good mantra was taken as a patriotic given in this mornings RNZ interview with Trade Minister Todd McClay . Apparently, the … Read more »

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