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Questions & Answers – 3 May 2016

Press Release – Office of the Clerk

1. JAMES SHAW (Co-LeaderGreen) to the Prime Minister : On what dates did he discuss with the Minister of Revenue his conversation with Ken Whitney on foreign trusts, and what specifically did he say to the Minister? Read more »

Treaty of Waitangi rights protected in TPPA

Press Release – FOMA

The Waitangi Tribunal’s ruling that the TPPA has not breached treaty obligations is of no surprise says FOMA Chairman Traci Houpapa. Read more »

Māori Council response to the Waitangi Tribunal

Press Release – Maori Council

The New Zealand Mori Council welcomes the Waitangi Tribunal Trans-Pacific Partnership Report, says Council Chair Sir Edward Durie. The report provides helpful advice on how to move matters forward in protecting Mori interests in international trade … Read more »

Trade Minister welcomes Tribunal TPP report

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Trade Minister Todd McClay has welcomed the Waitangi Tribunals Report on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement which found no breach of the Treaty of Waitangi. Read more »

Waitangi Tribunal opts for pragmatic outcome

Press Release – Te Ringahuia Hata

The substance of the Waitangi Tribunals report on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), vindicates the claimants concerns, especially about foreign investors special rights under the Agreement. But in the end pragmatism held sway … Read more »

Waitangi Tribunal report contradictory

Press Release – Te Ringahuia Hata

A contradictory report released by the Waitangi Tribunal, following an urgent hearing into the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), has upheld virtually all of the claimants concerns about the potential risks to Maori yet concluded that the … Read more »

TPPA Treaty clause not a breach, Tribunal says

Press Release – Waitangi Tribunal

The Treaty of Waitangi clause in the TPPA should provide a reasonable degree of protection to Mori interests, the Waitangi Tribunal has found. Read more »

What’s the Rush? Halt the TPPA Ratification process

Press Release – It’s Our Future

The Parliamentary Inquiry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) has concluded with strong opposition expressed by Labour, the Green Party and NZ First. Read more »

‘Pathetic’ report on TPPA shows inquiry needed

Press Release – Professor Jane Kelsey

The travesty of democracy that has enveloped the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) from day one continued with a pathetic report released by the Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade committee yesterday, says University of Auckland law professor … Read more »

Pharmac funding still short

Press Release – Green Party

The Green Party welcomes the announcement that Pharmac will get an extra $39 million in funding, but is calling for the Government to immediately release Pharmacs advice on how much money it actually needs. Read more »

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