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Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic? Labour and MANA

Article – Ian Anderson

Early in July this year, Labour Party leader David Cunliffe made headlines by apologising for being a man. Stoked by capitalist media sensation, Prime Minister John Key responded that not all men abuse women. Read more »

iPredict 2014 Election Update #27: Nats back in ascendency

Press Release – iPredict

Inflation and interest rate expectations fall ahead of OCR announcement tomorrow Forecast fiscal surplus again falls sharply, and growth marginally down Greens fall and Internet-Mana strengthens, as Sykes gets closer in Waiariki No feasible … Read more »

G20 Beware: Trade Deals Threaten Health Care and Environment

Press Release – AFTINET

The NSW Nurses and Midwives Association (NSWNMA) and the Australian Fair Trade & Investment Network Ltd (AFTINET) have called on the Federal Government to heed warnings over secret global trade deals, in particular, negotiations around the Trans-Pacific … Read more »

TPP risks a weaker global trading system, says ex-WTO head

Article – BusinessDesk

July 21 (BusinessDesk) – The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a step backwards to the days before the World Trade Organisation when the the US and Europe controlled the global trading system to the detriment of developing economies, says a former director-general … Read more »

TPP, LGNZ Election Manifesto, Public Interest

Press Release – Nelson TPP Action

The Renewables of Motueka, and Nelson TPP Action have been active lobbying local government authorities and councils in respect to the public interest on free trade and investment treaties including TPP (Transpacific Partnership). Read more »

Sea-level rise threatens Pacific Islands claim to sea

Press Release – Food and Agriculture Organisation

Nadi, Fiji: Climate change-induced sea-level rise in the world’s small island nations continues to be the most pressing threat to their environment and socio-economic development with annual losses estimated in the billions of dollars due to increased … Read more »

Fewer medicines subsidised in New Zealand than Australia

Press Release – Auckland University

New Zealand has economical medicines policies, but subsidises fewer medicines and fewer new drugs, compared to Australia and other countries. Read more »

ipredict Election Update #26

Press Release – iPredict

Labours probability of leading next government continues to recover as Greens make further gains Read more »

Can Obama Achieve Checkmate for TPPA by November?

Press Release – Professor Jane Kelsey

The most opaque round of talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement to date ended in Ottawa yesterday. The odds of President Obama achieving his goal of a meaningful document by the APEC leaders summit in November hangs in the balance, according … Read more »

Gordon Campbell on TPP talks and the election in Afghanistan

Column – Gordon Campbell

As negotiators gather in Ottawa this week for the latest round of talks on the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, the opposition to (a) the TPP deal itself and (b) the Trade Promotion Authority needed to pass it into US law is increasing within … Read more »

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