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The International Transition And New Zealand’s Place In The World

Article – Robert G. Patman

In the global context of the 21st century, the fates of all sovereign states are increasingly linked and smaller states like NZ must be prepared to become more active multilateral players. Read more »

Trump Trade Policies And Mishandling Of Coronavirus Pandemic Have ‘Wiped Out’ US Manufacturing Jobs

Article – Common Dreams – Jessica Corbett

Trump Trade Policies and Mishandling of Coronavirus Pandemic Have ‘Wiped Out’ US Manufacturing Jobs: Economist “Trump’s erratic, ego-driven, and inconsistent trade policies have not achieved any measurable progress, despite the newly combative … Read more »

Statement On Philippines Anti-terror Laws From Community Leaders

Press Release – FIRST Union

A signed statement from community leaders and representatives of unions, churches, humanitarian groups, NGOs and others regarding new anti-terrorism legislation in the Philippines. The Philippines has one of the worst COVID-19 outbreaks in the entire … Read more »

Potential ISDS Problems Post Covid-19

Press Release – Social Credit

“The presence of investor – state dispute settlement provisions in international treaties is likely to cause major problems in the post – Covid 19 world,” John Ring, Social Credit Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, said today. “One of the … Read more »

RCEP Will Undermine Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Press Release – AFTINET

ASIAN GROUPS CALL FOR IMMEDIATE HALT TO SECRET NEGOTIATIONS In an online press conference held today, trade unions and civil society organisations from the Asia Pacific have urgently demanded a halt to secret trade negotiations on Regional Comprehensive Economic … Read more »

Business Forum Welcomes NZ UK FTA Negotiation

Press Release – NZ International Business Forum

The NZ International Business Forum (NZIBF) is delighted that New Zealand and the United Kingdom have launched a negotiation to conclude an ambitious, high quality and comprehensive free trade agreement. Now that the UK is completing the final … Read more »

DCANZ Welcomes Launch Of UK-New Zealand FTA Negotiation

Press Release – DCANZ – Dairy Companies Association New Zealand

  The Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ) is welcoming the launch of free trade agreement negotiations between New Zealand and the UK as a positive development in the trade agenda. A high-quality and comprehensive FTA between … Read more »

Red Meat Exports Holding Despite COVID-19 Disruption

Press Release – Meat Industry Association

The monthly value of New Zealand red meat and co-product exports for April was largely unchanged from the same month last year despite COVID-19, according to an analysis by the Meat Industry Association (MIA). New Zealand exported $859 million of lamb, … Read more »

Government Urged To Prioritise Access To COVID Supplies And Vaccine Ahead Of Trade Rules

Press Release – Jane Kelsey

Working in cancer, every day I see the suffering and concern caused by unrestricted pharmaceutical pricing. Because of IP rules, whnau are being charged a Kings ransom for medicines that will help keep their loved ones alive. Now there is the … Read more »

Joint Statement By Prime Ministers Jacinda Ardern And Scott Morrison

Press Release – New Zealand Government

1. Prime Minister the Hon Scott Morrison MP and Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern met in Sydney on 28 February 2020 for the annual Australia-New Zealand Leaders Meeting. The Australia-New Zealand relationship is a partnership marked by close … Read more »

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