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TPP minus US starting to gain ground

Article – BusinessDesk

April 21 (BusinessDesk) – The Japanese government is picking up the pace on reviving the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade and investment deal, with talks scheduled next month among the 11 countries left in the pact after the withdrawal by the US after … Read more »

Ideological recklessness to resurrect a TPPA-minus-US

Press Release – Professor Jane Kelsey

Ideological free trade dogma will hit new heights if New Zealand joins a rumoured plan to resurrect the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) without the US. If Trade Minister Todd McClay commits New Zealand to this path, he will guarantee … Read more »

PM Press Conference 18/04/17: Pay equity settlement

Article – Liana Pantaleo

Today the government announced a $2 billion pay equity settlement for health care and support workers. Minister of Health, Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman was present with Prime Minister Bill English to discuss the details. Some of those details include, … Read more »

More Transparency on Trade Deals

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

A new level of honesty and openness around international treaties, such as the TPPA, is set to be introduced to Parliament, says New Zealand First Read more »

It’s Time to Talk about Climate Change

Press Release – 350 Christchurch

In 2015 and 2016 our poor planet warmed at an astounding rate – far more than scientists had predicted. We are desperately short of time to put a stop to global warming. Our government, which subsidises fossil fuels, must act now to switch our energy … Read more »

Address to the NZ Institute of International Affairs

Speech – New Zealand Government

In one month from now I will have tendered my resignation as New Zealands Minister of Foreign Affairs, having served in this capacity for nearly eight-and-a-half years. Read more »

Gordon Campbell: John Pilger, and making war on China

Article – Gordon Campbell

Why is New Zealand taking part in military war games aimed at our main trading partner ? by Gordon Campbell First published on Werewolf Read more »

NZ US Council to take Trade Agenda 2030 to Washington DC

Press Release – NZ US Council

The New Zealand United States Council welcomes the Governments Trade Agenda 2030 and will push the new strategy in Washington this week. Read more »

Q+A: Economist Rodney Jones interviewed by Corin Dann

Press Release – TVNZ

Beijing based, NZ economist Rodney Jones urges a careful approach to Chinas One Belt, One Road strategy Well, I think we have to be a little bit careful here. How will we gain. We The world needs China to do the next step of reforms, … Read more »

Q+A: Trade Minister Todd McClay interviewed by Corin Dann

Press Release – TVNZ

Trade Minister Todd McClay not ruling out a conversation around Chinese workers coming to New Zealand to work on infrastructure projects as part of trade talks. Yeah, well, thats not something thats on the table at the moment, but, look, … Read more »

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