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TISA text: US threat to privacy, civil rights, data security

Press Release – AFTINET

Leaked US proposals in the Trade in the secret Services (TISA) negotiations include rules that would threaten privacy and civil rights protections for digital personal data Dr Patricia Ranald, Coordinator of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment … Read more »

Leaked TISA text exposes US threat to privacy, data security

Press Release – Professor Jane Kelsey

The US is demanding that New Zealand and other countries accept sweeping rules that would override privacy protections for digitised personal and other data, according to Professor Jane Kelsey from the University of Auckland. Read more »

Civil Society Groups call for release of secret TPP texts

Press Release – AFTINET

As negotiators from Australia, the US, Japan and nine other Pacific Rim countries meet behind closed doors in Washington, we join 48 civil society groups from around the world to call for the release of the text before it is signed by governments. … Read more »

Inflationary And Interest-Rate Expectations Continue to Fall

Press Release – iPredict

Forecast annual inflation has reached new lows and the Official Cash Rate is now not expected to reach 3.75% in 2015, according to the combined wisdom of the 8000+ registered traders on New Zealands predictions market, iPredict. The forecast … Read more »

Washington: Hundreds Gather to Protest TPP

Press Release – Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch

Outside Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations in Washington, D.C., Hundreds Gather to Protest TPP, Toast the Demise of Fast Track Authority Read more »

National’s Wrecking Ball Ruining Lives And Economy

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

Nationals narrow thinkers are wedded to failed economic policies that the OECD says are hurting Kiwis and the country as a whole, says New Zealand First. Read more »

2014 Roger Award Finalists Named

Press Release – CAFCA

The six finalists for the 2014 Roger Award for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa/New Zealand are: Read more »

iPredict: Inflationary Expectations Fall Significantly

Column – iPredict

Both inflationary and interest-rate expectations have fallen significantly over the last week, according to the combined wisdom of the 8000+ registered traders on New Zealands predictions market, iPredict. Read more »

Save our state houses

Column – Clare Curran

New Zealand was once renowned for its state housing. Labours first Prime Minister, Michael Joseph Savage, recognised the importance of something for everyone by embedding state housing into our economic fabric. Read more »

Questions and Answers – December 3

Press Release – Office of the Clerk

Islamic State ConflictGovernment Response 1. ANDREW LITTLE (Leader of the Opposition) to the Prime Minister : Does he stand by his statement that the 100 years commemoration of Gallipoli could be one argument for a joint ANZAC force to be deployed … Read more »

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