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What is a charity?

Ros 2015 short hairRos Rice
Executive Officer
Community Networks Aotearoa

In a discussion the other day, the subject of ‘What is the definition of a Charity’ came up?

This is an interesting question because this subject has been grappled with for a long time. If we look to what is currently being held up as a definition, that which is used by the Charities Commission, the definition is actually based on the Statute of Charitable Uses which came into force in 1601 directly after the Poor Law of 1601.  Read more »

Do we really want guns in our schools?

Warren L 200x300Warren Lindberg
Chief Executive Officer
Public Health Association

Police figures show they seized 1227 firearms in the last financial year, Police Association president Chris Cahill told Otago University’s Summer School last month. Police know of 13,331 military-style semi-automatics (MSSAs), 40,605 pistols, 4676 restricted machine-guns and 1419 other restricted firearms. An AR-15, a type of MSSA, was used in 1990’s Aramoana massacre and in the recent Florida school shooting. Read more »

Strategising for change – elections and community-based social services policy

Trevor McGlinchy
Executive Officer
NZ Council of Christian Social Services                                                                                                                                                                   photo of Trevor McGlinchey

As we move towards 23 September and the General Election we know that we will have a new government in place. Whether that is a new version of the National Party led government we have had for the last 9 years or a Labour led alliance we do not know.   Read more »

Navigating the Election Policy Maze

Brenda Pilott
National Manager Brenda photo
Social Service Providers Aotearoa

In case you hadn’t noticed, but there’s an election at the end of September.  Recent events have placed a strong spotlight on the leadership of our parties and there’s no question the leaders are a critical factor in the calculation we all make about where to place our party vote tick. Read more »

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