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First of a Kind Research Award

gill-greer-2-ncwGill Greer

Chief Executive | National Council of Women


Gender Equal NZ, led by the National Council of Women, has won a platinum Research Association award for New Zealand’s first Gender Attitudes Survey, carried out with Research New Zealand, in the Community Advancement category.

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“So, what exactly is your job?”

Nina Herriman 

Chief Storyteller | National Council of Women of New Zealand

“So, what exactly is your job?” is a question I’ve heard a lot since May this year when I started as Chief Storyteller (Data and Visualisation) at the National Council of Women of New Zealand. Read more »

Changing perspectives : two sides of the ageing coin

Stephanie Clarestephanie-clare

Chief Executive | Age Concern New Zealand

Where do older people actually live?  Where will older people live in the future?  Changing lifestyle patterns and living environments in New Zealand are exposing some hidden impacts for older people. Read more »

Are today’s NGOs destined to become tomorrow’s social enterprises?

Josie PaganiJosie Pagani

Director | Council for International Development (CID)

Social enterprise is the buzz word right now, and new ones are popping up everywhere.

Some are getting amazing results. Eat My Lunch is feeding kids in schools. Indigo and Iris sell mascara and use the funds to help Fred Hollows prevent blindness. Trade Aid imports products like coffee from all around the world and helps small scale farmers package and sell stuff in the New Zealand market. Read more »

Great Expectations

Brenda photoBrenda Pilott

Chief Executive | Social Service Providers Aotearoa

The Labour-NZ First – Green coalition government came to power, somewhat unexpectedly, on a wave of enthusiasm and great hopes on the part of many.  After nearly a decade of low investment, low wages, funding freezes and targeting, it’s hardly surprising that the lid has come off and expectations are bursting out all over. Read more »

The community sector – key allies for Localism

marionblakeeditedMarion Blake

Chief Executive | Platform Trust

Revitalising democracy was the message from Dave Cull, President of Local Government NZ (LGNZ) as he opened their annual conference last weekend. He then went on to launch the ‘Localism’ policy project. This joint project between LGNZ and The New Zealand Initiative is calling for a shift in the way public decisions are made in New Zealand. Instead of relying on central government to decide what is good for our communities, Localism calls for councils and communities themselves to make such decisions. The principles and values describe, amongst other things, a world where New Zealand citizens will have a meaningful say about the range and nature of local services in their communities. Localism ensures that a “place-based” and integrated approach will be taken to the provision of services and local governance. Read more »

Taking stock of New Zealand NGOs

Anya_ComVoices (1)Anya Satyanand

Executive Officer | Ara Taiohi

I’m currently in the middle of a complicated process of leaving and arriving. I’m leaving Ara Taiohi, the peak body for youth development, and preparing to arrive at the Prince’s Trust New Zealand, an organisation with the potential to make amazing things happen for young people. Laying it down, this is a difficult time and I’m having profoundly mixed feelings: I’m simultaneously full of sadness of leaving a job which I have wholeheartedly loved, while at the same time feeling full of hope about my new job, the future and what we can collectively accomplish in Aotearoa. For me, young people are at the centre of a more participatory, inclusive, just and peaceful future, and I’m really excited at the prospect of working on this kaupapa in a different way. Read more »

10 reflections on the state of volunteering in NZ

Scott MillerScott Millar Aug 2015_cropped

Chief Executive | Volunteering New Zealand

Recruitment has begun for my replacement at Volunteering New Zealand, so like Janus, I want to take this opportunity to look back and look forward on what I see as the state of volunteering in NZ.

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Working towards a more diverse NGO sector?

soraiya-daud-1Soraiya Daud

Communications Advisor | National Building Financial Capability Charitable Trust

New Zealanders, in general, acknowledge the importance of diversity. We all know it is important that people working in social services reflect the communities they represent. We know that we need to make space for people to come through that have different life experiences.

Making that happen, is much more difficult. Read more »

Black November: when neighbours risked their lives to help neighbours

Warren L 200x300Warren Lindberg

Chief Executive | Public Health Association of New Zealand

Following last year’s World War 1 commemoration, the names of those whose lives were lost and of the great battles – Gallipoli, the Somme, Passchendaele, Monte Casino, the Coral Sea – are respectfully recalled on memorials around the country. Read more »

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