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Imagine a world where community organisations such as the National Council of Women didn’t need to exist.

comvoices-picture-1Greta Parker
Marketing & Communications Mgr
National Council of Women of NZ

One day I’d like to do myself out of a job. One day I’d like organisations such as the National Council of Women, Age Concern, Women’s Refuge and Barnardos to close down – not because we’ve run out of funding – but because New Zealanders no longer discriminate based on gender, abuse older people, incite violence against women or leave our children to go hungry and cold. Read more »

There’s an election coming. Why vote?

Warren L 200x300Warren Lindberg
Chief Executive Officer
Public Health Association/ 
Kahui Hauora Tumatanui

Much concern has been expressed about the ‘missing million’ who didn’t vote in 2014 (actually 729,560 or 23.23% of the 93% of those eligible and enrolled to vote).

The angst is particularly targeted at younger citizens, generally 18-29, particularly those of Maori, Pasifika and Asian ethnicity, but a proportion of all ages did not vote, the majority under 45. Public debate about this phenomenon has tended to leap to negative judgment about the reasons for not voting: most often phrased as “didn’t bother”. Consequently, solutions proposed have tended to the punitive, ranging from making it compulsory (as in Australia), to making it easier by doing it online. Read more »

Having a choice – “some people have all the luck!”

Gabrielle OBrienGabrielle O’Brien
Chief Executive Officer 
Birthright NZ

Yesterday was my day off (or “day on” as another working parent named it), when I got to do lots of different things and be “Me” in lots of different ways.

The day started with “Exercise Me” and my regular Wednesday run with a good friend – it’s never pretty, we’re not fast and if it wasn’t for the peer pressure and chance to catch up, it wouldn’t happen! Read more »

Waihoa ko ōku whengu Mauria mai ko ōku painga: Heed not my weaknesses, Nurture my strengths.

Anya_ComVoices (1)Anya Satyanand
Executive Officer
Ara Taiohi

Alongside the smorgasbord of natural disasters we’ve experienced as a nation over the last 6 months, a tectonic shift is quickening across our policy landscape. Social investment has been getting real. Yesterday we heard that a predictive risk index may form the centrepiece in the redesign of the school decile system. The community sector is being rocked to the core at organisational and professional level by MSD’s new contracting requirements which include individual client level data to support their social investment approach. Read more »

MSD IT Enquiry Not Enough

The announcement of an enquiry into the privacy failure of MSD’s online reporting platform for community organisations required to provide individual client data (ICLD) addresses only one of the Privacy Commissioner’s four recommendations, says ComVoices.

“The just announced enquiry is deflecting us from the real question”, said Trevor McGlinchey, ComVoices Spokesperson.  “The question at the heart of the enquiry should be why are we collecting data that the Privacy Commissioner has said is ‘…excessive, disproportionate to government’s legitimate needs and therefore inconsistent with the privacy principles’?”. Read more »

Collaboration – a view from small NGOs

Ros 2015 short hairRos Rice
Executive Officer
Community Networks Aotearoa

Why is the idea of collaborating so hard?

Well, first of all let’s look at the word.  Collaboration can mean many things and not always positive things.  In World War 2 collaborators were considered to be people who worked with the enemy against their own communities.  To be exposed as a collaborator could literally mean your death. Read more »

Fiction is the new fact

photo of Tess CaseyTess Casey
Chief Executive
Inclusive NZ

Truth has always been a bit of a movable feast.   Any student of history, or parent who has tried to get to the bottom of an argument between their kids, knows that there are two sides to every story.  It’s the reason that the Romans portrayed the goddess of justice holding scales.  Getting to the truth isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. Read more »

There’s an Election coming up – What sort of Democracy do we Want?

photo of dave HendersonDave Henderston
External Relations Manager
Hui E!

News that Forest and Bird, one of New Zealand’s largest and most respected conservation organisations has quit the Land and Water Forum comes as no surprise. (DomPost, 8 March)

The forum is described as “a Government-led body which brings together dozens of environmental, industry and recreational groups to improve freshwater management.” Forest and Bird (F&B) was one of its earliest members. Read more »

ComVoices calls for pause on Government demand for personal information

From July 2017 Community Organisations provider contracts with Government are to include the requirement to gather and share identifiable data about clients accessing services.

ComVoices Chair, Brenda Pilott says: “We think that the Ministry for Social Development (MSD) is on the wrong track and our members are worried that the MInistry is pressing ahead with this work when so many issues are unresolved.

“We have written to the Prime Minister and other Ministers asking them to stop the current work, and work with community organisations to develop an information system that delivers the big picture information being sought, respects individual privacy and is sustainable for providers who will have to gather the information.”

A letter and a proposal suggesting a different way forward has been sent to Ministers.

This blog has been posted by  ComVoices

ComVoices  actively promotes the value that community sector organisations and their people, both paid and unpaid, add to New Zealand’s economic and social wellbeing through information, and political advocacy and dialogue.

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Change in the Not-for-Profit Sector – what does it all mean?

Raewyn Fox
NZ Federation of Family Budgeting ServicesRaewyn Fox

In recent months many meetings I have attended and many of the articles read are discussing the changes in our sector. This is particularly so in the MSD Community Investment area. The particular sector I work in, previously the Budgeting Sector, now known as Building Financial Capability (change No.1!) has been one of the early areas to undergo the Community Investment revamp. There has been a co-design process for designing the services to be delivered, a complete change of funding methodology, new reporting measures and Individual Client Level Data reporting. Wow! I always wanted to be leading the way for others to a great new future but at the moment I feel more like a guinea pig. Read more »

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