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Elevating the voices of volunteers – state of volunteering 2020

full page infographicMichelle Kitney

Kaihautū – Chief Executive | Volunteering New Zealand

Volunteering New Zealand’s State of Volunteering Report 2020 released in early July presents a detailed view of the state of volunteering in Aotearoa New Zealand at a critical point in the nation’s history—just prior to the Level 4 lockdown being imposed as the Covid-19 pandemic hit our shores.

The report is supported by quantitative data from official sources, as well as responses received from the State of Volunteering online survey.

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Time for those in Parliament to listen to the voice of the Community Sector

Janet (1) (2)

Janet Miller

Organisation Manager | Community Research

“The view while one is in parliament that all change stems from there is far from correct. Nearly all causes with any value start outside parliament and are far ahead of parliamentary debates.  There is much more ability to change lives in the community than in parliament, particularly in the hands-off neoliberal age.” Liz Gordon The Daily Blog
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Have your say: ComVoices Covid-19 and State of the Sector survey 2020

comvoices-2020-survey-social-media-postCommunity and voluntary organisations are urged to take part in the biennial ComVoices State of the Sector survey.

The survey provides vital information about the wellbeing of our community organisations which then helps ComVoices advocate effectively on your behalf.  We could not have begun to imagine what has transpired over the last few months.  Covid-19 has meant new ways of working and changed the landscape for our community organisations. Read more »

Join us at the Election Forum this afternoon

Insta Generic - Webinar

Community organisations are today asking Members of Parliament and political party members to spell out their plans for the community and voluntary sector in the lead-up to New Zealand’s general election in September.

Being able to access services and feel connected with the communities we live, work and socialise in are essential to New Zealanders’ wellbeing. Read more »

What does a thriving community and voluntary sector look like as we move into a post-pandemic era?

Insta Generic - WebinarElections matter and are a good opportunity to engage directly with those who make the decisions which impact the wellbeing of our society.  The pandemic has brought into sharp focus the inequalities which have festered far too long. Now is the time to shape a new way forward which provides as much focus on our social, cultural and environmental needs as the economic obsessions of the past. Read more »

Celebrating volunteers and working together

Sarah MacdonaldSarah Macdonald

Marketing and Membership Manager | Volunteering New Zealand

National Volunteer Week, 21-27 June 2020, will celebrate ‘Te Hua o te Mahi Tahi | The benefit of working together’.  Volunteering New Zealand is encouraging everyone to start planning NVW2020 celebrations and activities. Read more »

Necessity driven innovation: the unexpected win from Covid

nicola-sutton-1websizeNicola Sutton  

Chief Executive | English Language Partners New Zealand

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, said Plato and we have found this to be true.

Our work is teaching English to adults and until March 25th this work was done in face-to-face classes. All across New Zealand, learners gathered with the purpose of improving their language skills so they could participate more effectively in daily life and settle well in New Zealand. Read more »

We’ve got this!

copy-of-stephanie-pope-2019Stephanie Pope & Jane Clark
Director & Programme Manager | Te Wana Quality Programme

Responding to COVID-19 challenges

We at Te Wana Quality Programme are incredibly proud to be associated with our front line organisations that are offering critical support and care to our communities in so many ways. Read more »

Charities and community sector rely significantly on the generosity of volunteers

michelle-kitneyMichelle Kitney
Chief Executive | Volunteering New Zealand

COVID-19 highlights the need to understand the value, impact and potential of volunteering, and the infrastructure, that enables volunteers to enrich Aotearoa, New Zealand. Read more »

The importance of home

chris-glaudelChris Glaudel

Deputy Chief Executive | Community Housing Aotearoa

I hope you’re all staying healthy and safe.

And importantly – I hope you all have somewhere healthy and safe to stay.

Because having a home is crucial to our ability to care for ourselves and our whānau during the four-week Covid-19 lockdown. Read more »

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