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A better life for all

gill_greer_prencwGill Greer
National Council of Women of NZ

My grandmother spoke English with a very heavy German accent, having learned it from her parents as a small child. She left school at 12, and went on to run a general store in Upper Atiamuri as if she had an MBA. When I began university at 16, I learned German, and when she asked me to “say something in German” I’d recite, “ein, zwei, vier, funf, sechs” several times while she smiled. I did it to please her. Belatedly, I realised that when people are denied the chance to learn their own language their loss goes far beyond words. Read more »

Sanctions for Christmas

photo of Trevor McGlincheyTrevor McGlinchey
Executive Officer
NZ Council for Christian Social Service

Work and Income – A Caring and Supportive Environment?

Reports from the members of the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Service (NZCCSS) consistently relate to the negative treatment of New Zealand citizens at Work and Income offices.  These citizens were seeking to access their rightful support from the New Zealand Government. NZCCSS acknowledges that fine people are employed at Work and Income and they are committed to ensuring individuals and families do get the income and other supports they need.  Yet, somehow, people exposed to Work and Income feel demeaned and threatened by the way these offices work. Read more »

Bitcoin, blockchain and what it means for NGOs


Josie PaganiJosie Pagani
Council for International Development

The least interesting thing about Bitcoin is Bitcoin. It’s not entirely clear what the problem is that Bitcoin solves – why not trade in  tulips? And if we can pay for stuff online using old-fashioned money without ever having to go to an ATM, why do we need Bitcoin? Our currency might go up and down in value, but at least its intrinsic value is backed by governments. And gold has a value aside from its worth as a currency (we fill our teeth with it and make jewellery out of it).  Read more »

Being a village

tess-2-copyTess Casey
Neighbourhood Support NZ

The big news of the year so far has been the announcement that our Prime Minister and her partner are expecting their first baby.   Admittedly the year has only just started and we’ve all been on holiday so there hasn’t been that much news – but judging by the scale of the reaction I think most people would agree that it’s Big News. Read more »

Let’s campaign to stop predatory lenders

Soraiya Daud
Communications Adviser
National Building Financial Capability Trustsoraiya-daud-1

The economic conditions that we live in mean that borrowing money has become part and parcel of making ends meet, whatever our incomes. Read more »

Does trust in Government = trust in democracy?

scott-miller-oct-2017-sScott Miller
Chief executive
Volunteering NZ

Trust. It’s a fundamental human value. As a society, it allows us to grow, particularly when there is complexity and alternative facts abound.

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Let’s do this – better

Brenda Pilott
National Manager
Social Service Providers AotearoaBrenda photo

Moving from Opposition to Government is a major life change for any politician (and so is moving in the opposite direction).  New and mainly first-time ministers are settling in to their new roles, swotting up on the Cabinet manual, appointing new staff, absorbing reams of briefing papers, facing an endless stream of requests for meetings, and getting the wheels turning on their policy plans. Read more »

Money versus passion: parliamentary lobbying

Warren Lindberg
Chief Executive
Public Health Association of New ZealandWarren L 200x300

“It’s a great time to be a lobbyist,” according to Victoria University politics teacher and independent blogger, Bryce Edwards. Dr Edwards advises that lobbyists are in big demand whenever there’s a change of government.  It’s a prime opportunity for influence at a time when the new government has to move quickly on at least some of its promises and can’t rely entirely on the advice of government departments that have been driven by a different political philosophy from their predecessor.

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Reality bytes

Catriona McLagan
Icatrionanformation Analyst/Advisor 
Platform Charitable Trust

It’s interesting to notice that we have a natural tendency to imbue technology with either good or bad qualities.  The thing about technology, be it social media platforms or 3D printers, is that it’s us humans that are creating and using it.  It is neither good nor bad.  It has usefulness and it can create or exacerbate problems.  It can be used in ways that enhance our society and ways that undermine it.  At the recent NetHui I attended, these conversations were infused in almost every session.  Below are my three main observations from the hui. Read more »

Messages from Australia


Ros  Rice Ros 2015 short hair
Executive Officer
Community Networks Aotearoa

At the recent NZCCSS and C.N.A conference we had three Australian keynote speakers travel to present to us. Read more »

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