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Grandmother appeals court for right to protest mining

Press Release – Protect Karangahake Group

A 65-year old Coromandel woman appealing her conviction, served last August, for obstructing a mining company prospecting in conservation land in the Karangahake Gorge, will appear tomorrow morning in the Waihi District Court. Read more »

Q+A: Sir John Key interviewed by Corin Dann

Press Release – TVNZ

ANZ Bank Chair Sir John Key defends criticism of the ANZs $2 Billion dollar profit. Read more »

Food poverty due to inadequate incomes and high cost housing

Press Release – Child Poverty Action Group

CPM 2018: Inadequate incomes and high cost housing to blame for rise in food poverty Read more »

Child poverty report a call for urgent welfare reform

Press Release – Auckland Action Against Poverty

The Child Poverty Monitor 2018 report points out one in five kids are living without access to food. People on the benefit were disproportionately affected, with the report highlighting many were spending more than half of their income on rent, leaving … Read more »

Child poverty report reminder of need for Bill

Press Release – New Zealand Government

The latest report into the impact of poverty on wellbeing of Kiwi children shows why the Government has put children and families at the centre of its programme and will pass an historic Bill to tackle child poverty by the end of the Parliamentary … Read more »

Strong Public Support for Medical Cannabis Cards

Press Release – Medical Cannabis Awareness NZ

With the final reading of the Medical Cannabis bill likely to be early this coming week, it outlines strong support across the political spectrum for significantly more reform than what was offered in the Govt Cannabis Bill. Read more »

NZ needs to speak up on “broken” UN drug policy system

Press Release – Hikurangi Foundation

NZ needs to speak up on “broken” UN drug policy system UN Headquarters, Vienna. 8th December 2018 A New Zealand medical cannabis company is calling on the government to show international leadership in what it says is a broken UN … Read more »

Nicky’s death was “avoidable”, says Coroner

Press Release – Dave Macpherson

Nickys death was avoidable, says Coroner Coroner Wallace Bain has formally found that our son and brother Nicky Stevens death was as a result of suicide. That is one more figure to add to the awful suicide statistics in this country, but … Read more »

SMC Bulletin – Mental Health, Addiction report

Press Release – Science Media Centre

Mental Health, Addiction report The Government has released the report from the Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry. Read more »

Criminal Justice Activists Support Auckland Pride Board

Press Release – People Against Prisons Aotearoa

People Against Prisons Aotearoa (PAPA) offers its congratulations to the Auckland Pride community, which at a Special General Meeting last night rejected a motion to remove its board. The vote was called by a group opposed to Prides decision … Read more »

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