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Whyte: In 12 months’ time, here is what will matter

Speech – ACT New Zealand

In three days time I will be elected along with a number of ACT MPs. I think the media will be surprised and ask how it happened? Read more »

Proposed law to decriminalise Abortion

Press Release – Right To Life New Zealand Inc

http://images.tvnz.co.nz/tvnz_images/news2011/politics_news/12/q_a_interview__list_mp_jan_logie_n2.jpgRight to Life is disappointed that the Green Party is refusing to provide a response to the seven very important questions that have been addressed to Jan Logie, spokesperson … Read more »

The More Things Change…

Article – Ian Llewellyn

The latest Roy Morgan poll indicates the next Parliament will look much like the last and one of the striking impressions from the time series of the New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll is how little change there has been in the political landscape since … Read more »

Roy Morgan Poll September 17

Press Release – Roy Morgan Research

John Key set to win narrow election victory on Saturday as Labour/Greens slump puts Winston Peters in powerful position as NZ First surge to 8% Todays New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows National (46.5%, up 1.5%) set to win a third term in Government … Read more »

Championing healthy lives and helping whānau in need

Press Release – The Maori Party

The Mori Party launched its health policy today that builds on the groundbreaking work achieved by the Mori Party since it became part of the Government six years ago. The Mori Party recognises poverty is a major underlying cause of ill health. Read more »

Typhoid Marys

Article – Alexander Lowe

Typhoid Mary was a nickname of Irish cook Mary Mallon, carrier of salmonella typhi, responsible for the outbreak of typhoid in New York in 1900s. She worked as a cook moving from one household to another and infecting their families with the disease, … Read more »

Peters: Vision, Regulations, Alcohol Laws, Safety & Security

Speech – New Zealand First Party

Thank you for the invitation to speak at this important hospitality conference being held so close to the election. Read more »

GCSB’s ‘Cortex’ sought tie-up with ISP

Article – BusinessDesk

Sept. 17 (BusinessDesk) – The Government Communications Security Bureau may expand its ‘Project Cortex’ to sharing malware-disrupting technology with local internet service providers, according to Cabinet papers declassified by Prime Minister John … Read more »

Parties sent home with report cards

Press Release – ActionStation

More than 2000 New Zealanders came together to run a full page ad in the Herald today asking all Parties what they will commit to do to clean up politics. The answers are in, and ActionStation has graded Parties on their responses to those questions … Read more »

‘Vote to Stop Factory Farming’ protest action in progress

Press Release – Farm Watch

An activist has scaled a 20m high silo tower at a Dunedin pig and egg-production factory farm this morning in protest of factory farming. He aims to inform voters that the power to ban factory farming is in their hands when they vote this Saturday. Read more »

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