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Elder Financial Grooming & Abuse Consumer Advocacy Campaign Launched At BewareCare NZ

Press Release – BewareCare NZ

A national and international private practice service provider in the field of Family & Relationship Counselling & Mediation has committed to privately funding a Consumer Advocacy Campaign regarding the practice of Elderly financial … Read more »

Liquid Capitalism: Everyone Drinks It, Swims In It, Drowns In It

Opinion – John Stanton

The most radical socialists; Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters (Black, White, Latino or Asian); liberal and conservative zealots; diversity and equity gurus; pacifists; denizens of corporates and non-profits; rappers, rockers and country western musicians; … Read more »

RV Certification Voluntary And Unenforceable

Press Release – Responsible Campers Association Inc

This year has seen a marked increase in complaints about the Self Containment Certification for Caravans and Motor Caravans. Self Containment Certification specifies that an RV must have certain facilities like tanks for fresh and dirty water, rubbish bin … Read more »

Impunity And Carefree Violence: Australia’s Special Forces In Afghanistan

Opinion – Binoy Kampmark

In 2016, Australian Major General Jeff Sengelman approached the then chief of the Australian army Lieutenant General Angus Campbell with a nagging worry . The concern lay in allegations that Australian special forces had committed various war crimes … Read more »

How Will The New World Look Under Covid-19? More Equal? Dystopian?

Article – Nathan Hoturoa Gray

“Neo-liberalism is a theory of governance without governing. Four decades in, this is precisely what the USA has. Outside of major American cities, and increasingly inside them, the country is falling apart. The capitalist view of employment is to … Read more »

Ngāpuhi Challenge Proposed Method Of Distributing Surplus Funds By Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Ltd

Press Release – Te Runanga a Iwi o Ngapuhi

Statement from Te Rnanga–Iwi–Ngpuhi (TRAION) Chair, Mere Mangu, and Ngpuhi Asset Holding Company Limited (NAHC) Chair, Jason Witehira. The official position of the Ngpuhi Rnanga Group is as follows: A proposed amendment to the Mori … Read more »

MPI Media Statement: Shearer Who Hit Lamb With Shears Causing Death Receives Prison Sentence

Press Release – Ministry For Primary Industries

A 51-year old shearing contractor, who repeatedly struck a lamb causing its death, was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment at the Alexandra District Court today. Christopher John Tredinnick was also disqualified from exercising authority over, or being the … Read more »

Prisons No Place For Maori

Press Release – Indigenous Pacific Uprising

The Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon is pushing for prisons to be run by Iwi. This is reckless and ill thought out. Iwi-run prisons will transfer the punitive functions of the state to Mori. Running prisons is leveraging off the oppression … Read more »

Congratulations To Labour But There Is A Lot Of Work To Be Done

Press Release – Closing The Gap

Congratulations to Labour on an outstanding result in the recent elections. They now have the political capital to make a real difference to New Zealand says Peter Malcolm spokesperson for Income Equality Aotearoa NZ Inc Closing the Gap The … Read more »

FRIDAY POLITICS: A Potentially Costly Hole In The Government’s Carbon-auctioning Plan

Press Release – Carbon News

By editor ADELIA HALLETT | Green Party co-leader James Shaw is still in the running to retain his role as the countrys climate minister but that might mean clearing up a bit of a mess of his own making. The Governments surprising decision, reported … Read more »

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