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What’s in Labour’s Medical Cannabis bill?

Press Release – Medical Cannabis Awareness NZ

With the looming introduction of a bill by Labour for Medical Cannabis, the patient community is sceptical, and bordering on preemptively hostile due to the lack of consultation, and the comments from Jacinda Ardern about pharmaceutical grade Cannabis … Read more »

Massive Questions Remain over Foreign Home-Buyer Ban

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

“The Government needs to immediately come clean over whether its foreign home-buyer ban breaches basic human rights and contravenes New Zealands trade deals with other countries, says ACT Leader David Seymour. Read more »

High Court decision: Kim Dotcom v The District Court

Press Release – New Zealand High Court

[1] The United States of America (USA) applies to strike out seven causes of action in the statement of claim filed by Mr Dotcom in this proceeding. The USA asserts they are an abuse of process being both collateral attacks on previous decisions … Read more »

Cheaper to cut emissions than deal with climate change

Article – BusinessDesk

Dec. 15 (BusinessDesk) – The cost of climate change to New Zealand is still unknown, but a group of experts tasked with plugging the country’s information gaps says it will likely be significant and it would be cheaper to cut greenhouse emissions than … Read more »

Bill to enrol newborns passes 1st reading

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

A law requiring newborns to be enrolled in a general practice before they are six weeks old is a step closer, thanks to a private members Bill submitted by National MP Dr Parmjeet Parmar. Read more »

Report any suspicious activity over the festive season

Press Release – New Zealand Police

With the festive season now upon us, Southern Police are asking the public to be extra vigilant about home security and reporting any suspicious activity they see. Read more »

Sexual Violence Court Pilot at 12-month milestone

Press Release – Chief District Court Judge

Sexual Violence Court Pilot at 12-month milestone After its first year, a pilot to test a sexual violence court in the District Court continues to show potential for improved timeliness in the jury trial process. Read more »

Baby bonus adds to confused set of entitlements

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

It is clear that Labours new baby bonus in its revised Families Package is a rushed addition to a spaghetti of entitlements that will only confuse families, National Party Finance Spokesman Steven Joyce says. Read more »

Thank You – Together, We Achieved So Much in 2017!

Press Release – Tertiary Education Union

It was because we stood together that we stopped the last National Government passing legislation to further privatise tertiary education, started a national debate about the declining conditions of work in tertiary education and helped create the conditions … Read more »

Digital Advisory Group to Be Established

Press Release – New Zealand Government

A new advisory group is to be set up to advise the Government on how it can build the digital economy and reduce digital divides. Read more »

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