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Vera Auriga must be banned from NZ waters

Press Release – New Zealand Independent Coalition

The Vega Auriga is a ticking timebomb that must be banned from New Zealand – it poses as great a risk as the Rena did when it sailed from Napier to the Astrolabe Reef, said Brendan Horan. Read more »

Bill English: allegations against Judith Collins are serious

Press Release – TVNZ

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English told TV1s Q+A programme that the allegations against Judith Collins are serious and thats why an inquiry is needed. Read more »

Reducing Reoffending Statistic Challenged

Press Release – Rethinking Crime and Punishment

In Rethinkings latest blog, http://blog.rethinking.org.nz/2014/08/th-bps-reducing-crime-and-reoffending.html it closely examines the current claim that reoffending in New Zealand has reduced by 12.5% since June 2011, and reveals how that figure has been achieved. It argues … Read more »

Statement by State Services Commissioner

Press Release – State Services Commission

30 August 2014 “The State Services Commission was contacted by the Prime Minister’s Office over the last 24 hours on this issue.” Any activity that undermines, or has the potential to undermine, the trust and confidence in the public service … Read more »

The Nation Housing Debate

Press Release – The Nation

Patrick It’s the great Kiwi dream, but is owning the roof over your head now just a pipe dream for many Kiwis? Homeownership is at the lowest level in half a century. National’s answer is to double subsidies to first-home buyers and let them raid their … Read more »

Time to Shine Light on Shadowy Spies

Press Release – Internet MANA

Internet MANA has promised to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry into New Zealands intelligence agencies, with a view to transferring oversight of spying operations to a new, independent authority. Read more »

Evidence against Judith Collins must be protected

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

Evidence against Judith Collins must be protected Evidence crucial to any inquiry into actions by Judith Collins and other National ministers and staff must be protected from being destroyed, Labour Leader David Cunliffe says. The State Services Commission … Read more »

Key Holds Emergency Press Conference In Wellington

Article – Jeremy Wilkinson

Nationals senior Minister Judith Collins has resigned from Cabinet because of serious allegations she tried to undermine a senior civil servant through a blog. Read more »

“Far more serious” allegations, says Key, as Collins resigns

Article – BusinessDesk

Aug. 30 (BusinessDesk) – Prime Minister John Key has been handed a cast-iron excuse to rid his government of its troublesome Justice Minister, Judith Collins, using an email supplied anonymously to his office yesterday which appears to show Collins … Read more »

National Party campaign thrown into chaos

Press Release – Green Party

National Party campaign thrown into chaos The National Partys election campaign has been thrown into chaos with the sacking of John Keys minister Judith Collins over dirty politics allegations, Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said today. … Read more »

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