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Only ACT Is Offering Holistic Housing Solutions

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

National is putting the zoning cart before the infrastructure horse, says ACT Housing spokesperson Brooke van Velden. Only ACT has offered smart ideas to solve the housing challenge, in particular the obstacle of funding infrastructure … Read more »

Leader Of The Opposition’s State Of The Nation Speech

Speech – New Zealand National Party

Kia ora and thank you for that welcome. It is a pleasure to be here. Thank you to the Rotary Club of Auckland and the EMA for hosting me at this first event in your centenary year. National and Rotary share many common principles, including community … Read more »

Emergency Powers Needed To Solve Housing Crisis

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

National is calling on the Government to introduce urgent temporary legislation to make housing easier to build, and has offered to support the law change through Parliament. At her State of the Nation speech in Auckland today, Leader of the Opposition … Read more »

Collins Outlines Priorities For A Better New Zealand

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

New Zealand needs to harness the upheaval caused by Covid-19 to drive meaningful change, Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins says. In her State of the Nation speech at the launch of Rotary Aucklands centenary celebration today, Ms Collins … Read more »

Funding Contracts Signed For $14m South Waikato Trades Training Centre

Press Release – South Waikato District Council

The new South Waikato Trades Training Centre is making strong progress with the funding contracts being signed to complete the $14m project. Professional services firms have been appointed to undertake the next phases of design, engineering and … Read more »

Infrastructure Assets Surround Residential Development Landholding On The Market For Sale

Press Release – Bayleys Realty Group

A substantial block of residential development land zoned for mixed use housing intensification on Aucklands Southern outskirts and bordered by multiple infrastructure assets – has been placed on the market for sale. 36 Oakland Road The 4.155 hectares … Read more »

Is There A Difference Between A Powerful Government And A House Of Cards?

Article – Ian Powell

The 2020 general election produced the most powerful government New Zealand has ever had since proportional representation (mixed member representation) began in 1996. With three year terms we have now had nine elections under this system. For … Read more »

Finance Minister Fiddles While Housing Market Burns

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

The Minister of Finance is taking far too long to put a lid on rising house prices, Nationals Shadow Treasurer Andrew Bayly says. Grant Robertsons announcement that he will respond later this year to the Reserve Banks suggestions for more … Read more »

Labour Government: Prioritising The Interests Of Middle-Class Landlords Over Struggling Working Class Tenants

Press Release – State Housing Action Network

Yesterdays government announcement on new state housing is a pathetic response to the biggest housing crisis in New Zealand since the 1940s. At a time when the country needs an industrial-scale state house building programme, the government … Read more »

Call For Urgent Progress On Promise Of Increased Public And Transitional Housing For Rotorua

Press Release – Rotorua Lakes Council

Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick wants more urgent progress on getting people out of emergency accommodation and into homes in the district. We have a housing plan, we are aligned with the Government on what needs to happen and are working in partnership … Read more »

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