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Duty to Warn

Article – Gary Kohls

Duty to Warn The Tragic Story of Dr Loren Moshers Soteria Project and the Plot to Kill It By Gary G. Kohls, MD Psychiatry has been almost completely bought out by the drug companiesWe’re so busy with drugs that you can’t find a nickel being … Read more »

Te Kanava, Tokelau descendants’ plan for NZ

Press Release – Pacific Guardians

Te Kanava ushers in a new era of doing things in foreign lands and a space for exploring doing things in a Tokelauan way as they themselves march to nationhood. It embodies a new approach that meshes modern operations systems with traditional support from … Read more »

Hawke’s Bay’s heat affecting elderly

Press Release – Hawke’s Bay District Health Board

Hawkes Bays soaring temperature is affecting many elderly and vulnerable residents who are becoming dehydrated and suffering medical events as a result. Hawkes Bay District Health Board chief medical officer of primary care, Dr Mark Peterson, said … Read more »

Whakatāne to get trainee doctors

Press Release – Joint Press Release

The first fifth year medical students in a new Regional-Rural Programme will soon be working at Whakatne Hospital and in local GP rooms. Read more »

Talking Healthy Ageing, Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implants

Press Release – Pindrop Foundation

For the first time in New Zealand, internationally renowned doctor and researcher in the field of healthy ageing and hearing loss, Frank Lin, M.D, PhD., will be presenting the findings of his research at the 2017 Pindrop Foundation Adult Cochlear Implant … Read more »

New regional rural doctor training for Whakatane

Press Release – University of Auckland

The first fifth year medical students in a new Regional-Rural Programme will soon be working at Whakatane Hospital and in local GP rooms. Read more »

Algal bloom in Lake Forsyth/Te Roto o Wairewa

Press Release – Canterbury District Health Board

The Community and Public Health division of Canterbury District Health Board has issued a health warning after potentially toxic blue-green algae (planktonic cyanobacteria) was found in Lake Forsyth/Te Roto o Wairewa. Read more »

Pure Stem Cell Procedures a First for Athritis Breakthrough

Press Release – Queenstown Regenerative Medicine

Leading edge stem cell technology company Queenstown Regenerative Medicine (QRM) is bringing the latest world-class procedures to New Zealand. Read more »

New startup to research novel cancer vaccines

Press Release – University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is partnering with an American drug development company to launch a biotech start-up that will research novel cancer vaccines. Read more »

Researchers invited to apply for Research & Travel Grants

Press Release – Research for Life

Research For Life (RFL) invites Wellington-based medical researchers to apply for research and travel grants. The closing date for the next round of applications is Tuesday, 7 March 2017. Read more »

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