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Messages from Australia


Ros  Rice Ros 2015 short hair
Executive Officer
Community Networks Aotearoa

At the recent NZCCSS and C.N.A conference we had three Australian keynote speakers travel to present to us. Read more »

Let’s make equality, reality for all New Zealanders

gill_greer_prencwGill Greer
Chief Executive Officer
National Council of Women of NZ

As I write this blog on Saturday, I see the paper sitting next to me. The Dominion headline is “Female leader will make a difference.” Read more »

Making it work

Tim Barnett
Chief Executive
National Building Financial
Capability Charitable Trusttim-barnett

When – months ago – I accepted the kind invitation to write a blog towards the end of October, the thought that it would be the one to herald the arrival of a government of Labour, New Zealand First and the Greens wasn’t exactly at the forefront of my mind.  But it happened, and here we are.  And what’s on offer is a journey like never before. We are promised a referendum on legalising cannabis for personal use, new law to prevent waka-jumping, a $1 billion regional development fund, 100 000 high quality, affordable new homes in the next 10 years, a full review of the social investment approach and much much more.  The context is the most significant and comprehensive questioning to date in New Zealand of the neoliberal approach, and the social damage generated by that approach is a strong driver. Read more »

Getting ready for government

Brenda photoBrenda Pilott
National Manager
Social Service Providers Aotearoa (SSPA)

I’m writing this column as we near an announcement about which parties will form the next government.  It’s been a week since the final election results were declared and three weeks since the polls closed.  Read more »

A couple of things we can really influence

Anaru Fraser 
General Manager anaru-fraser-huie-2
Hui E!

Anei…post election…and we’re counting down towards the formation of our new government…will it be National-NZ First, or Labour-NZ First-Greens, or what’s possible but probably unlikely…a National-Greens coalition? Read more »

Let’s ponder while we wait

Dianne Armstrong
Philanthropy Manager Dianne
Arthritis New Zealand

The country is waiting for a political outcome and it seems that we will be waiting for at least another week. But for charities, are we really waiting?  I’m sure that every charity out there has continued since Election Day working across NZ and in their communities for the people and causes  they support. Read more »

It’s politics stupid!

Josie PaganiJosie Pagani
Council for International Development (CID)

The election isn’t over until Winston says it is, so sticking with a political theme, I’m shamelessly misquoting Bill Clinton who once said –  ‘It’s the economy stupid’.

Read more »

Nga Patai, nga patai (Questions, questions)

Tess Casey
Chief Executive
Inclusive New Zealandtess-2-copy

Kia ora tatou!

I wasn’t going to write about the election but I can’t help myself.  I’m only recently back from a month away and I’m still struggling to figure out what has happened while I was gone.  When I left the election campaigning hadn’t really started but I wasn’t anticipating anything to be different from the other election campaigns in recent memory.  There’d be some debates, there’d be some policy announcements, there might be some election bribes, there’d be some mud-slinging and insults and there’d be some polls.  Quite frankly, we were all more interested in what was happening in US politics than we were with what was happening in our own back yard. Read more »

Strategising for change – elections and community-based social services policy

Trevor McGlinchy
Executive Officer
NZ Council of Christian Social Services                                                                                                                                                                   photo of Trevor McGlinchey

As we move towards 23 September and the General Election we know that we will have a new government in place. Whether that is a new version of the National Party led government we have had for the last 9 years or a Labour led alliance we do not know.   Read more »

Navigating the Election Policy Maze

Brenda Pilott
National Manager Brenda photo
Social Service Providers Aotearoa

In case you hadn’t noticed, but there’s an election at the end of September.  Recent events have placed a strong spotlight on the leadership of our parties and there’s no question the leaders are a critical factor in the calculation we all make about where to place our party vote tick. Read more »

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