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To go far, we go together

photo of Sue McCabefrom Sue McCabe, Chief Executive of the National Council of Women of New Zealand

I’m a believer that New Zealand is a great country and could be greater. However, like other countries, we have some serious problems. There are far too many people in New Zealand with, to put it bluntly, crap lives due to poverty, violence, ill-health etc. 

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Giving really is better than receiving

photo of Gabrielle O'Brienfrom Gabrielle O’Brien , CEO, Birthright New Zealand

December –the beginning of the season of goodwill to all…

No, it’s not a ‘Tui ad’ although you may be excused for thinking that is the case.  At a time of year which is punctuated by deadlines: the usual “busyness” of day to day business overlaid by end of year pressure; a layer of social functions, school break ups, concerts, and multiple other demands, it can simply seem easier to say “bah humbug!” Read more »

A driver licence required?

photo of David Barrow

from David Barrow, Communications & Development Manager, Social Development Partners

Look around the train carriage, the bus or in a cafe and see for yourself how many people are using technology these days.  Look into any high-rise office block and everyone is on a computer.  Our job descriptions inevitably require us to be ‘computer literate’.  It’s a fact of life.  We all use technology.

But it never ceases to amaze me just how in the 2ist century we actually interact with technology.

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The media, corporate welfare and other matters

photo of Joan Isaacfrom Joan Isaac Administrator, ComVoices I was listening to Morning Report last week to news of John Phillip Smith’s escape. With a  fair degree of histrionics and high dudgeon It was covered from every conceivable angle. It was and  is a great story – it’s not often the media get one of such high drama.  And they did a great job of highlighting the appalling Corrections  shortcomings that allowed the escape to happen. Read more »

Have a stress-free Christmas!

photo of Raewyn Foxfrom Raewyn Fox
CEO, NZ Federation of Family Budgeting Services

Yes I know it is only November but if you truly want to feel de-stressed by Christmas Day, you must start now.

Last weekend I went out and bought the first few Christmas presents for my family. It felt so good to have a head start that I will be doing more of this over the next weekend or two with the goal of being all finished and having it all wrapped up before December.

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A Letter from North America

photo of Peter GlensorWhat am I doing writing a ComVoices blog when I’m on holiday…

It seemed like a good idea before I left, that’s why and now we’re in Seattle (family) and Vancouver (friends) for two weeks after the hard work and huge excitement of getting Hui E! established.

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Getting Started with Hui E! Community Aotearoa

photo of dave HendersonFrom Dave Henderson
ANGOA – the Association of NGOs of Aotearoa

A great feeling this week that after months of talk between two key organisations – ANGOA and Social Development Partners. We’ve registered a new entity that will take us forward with renewed energy, inspiration and excitement.

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Doing Real Justice

photo of Phil McCarthyfrom Phil McCarthy
National Director, Prison Fellowship NZ

I spent 14 years as a General Manager in the Department of Corrections, 10 of those with responsibility for the Prison Service.  I always used to say that I wasn’t in the job because I ‘was into keys’.

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Let’s Collaborate and Innovate

photo of Tara D'SousaRecently, Sally Davenport (New Zealand Productivity Commission) mentioned a past NZPC Housing Report which is often referred to by government and the housing sector as “the report that keeps on giving”.

In many ways this phrase epitomises the work we do in the not-for-profit sector. If one small action, one connection, one expression, one idea can spark collective action for whānau and tamariki, this is indeed human development.

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Managing volunteers, why is it important?

2014 Vanisa CEO_portrait1-5497_scoopfrom Vanisa Dhiru
Chief Executive, Volunteering New Zealand

Volunteering takes a certain group of people who enjoy dedicating their time to making a positive difference—and for that we all need to be thankful. People who are really passionate about getting out there and giving their time to help communities.

While volunteers are the visible faces of their organisation, behind them are the behind-the-scenes people who organise them: The Volunteer Managers. It’s easy to overlook or underestimate their hard work.

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