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A better internet is up to all of us

photo of Vanisa DhiruVanisa Dhiru, Executive Director
2020 Trust

Whether we like it or not, the internet is part of our lives. I spent 30 minutes on Skype this weekend with a friend overseas, helping him set up a new iPhone he had gifted his mother.

In minutes we had set up her iCloud, Find My iPhone, email, What’s App, banking and local news apps. Together, we checked online that her contacts had synced in the cloud and we created new folders for her photos. Her online life was sorted out in just a few minutes. We even downloaded a few games for her – and in my travels around the App Store, a new ‘zen’ online colouring book app! Read more »

Outcomes are what our communities want

photo of Peter GlensorPeter Glensor, General Manager
Hui E! Community Aotearoa

As a sector the challenge for us is to reclaim a sense of who we are, and the values that drive us. During this coming year there will be a whole host of ways in which we can do this work. One of the things that’s on the agenda at the moment is outcomes based contracting. Read more »

The State of Volunteering in New Zealand in 2015/16

Scott Millar Aug 2015_croppedScott Miller, Chief Executive
Volunteering New Zealand

Is volunteering the sign of a healthy non-profit sector? Of course, it is certainly not the solution for a failing non-profit! So when a recent international report ranked New Zealand fourth with 45% of people volunteering, it is plausible to think that volunteering and the wider sector in New Zealand is in good health. Read more »

For Christmas, please can we renew my Social Contract?

photo of dave HendersonDave Henderson, Manager External Relations
Hui E! Community Aotearoa

I was fortunate in November to attend a 3-day workshop in Istanbul, organised by CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation.

In the past few years CIVICUS has been documenting the trend in many countries – not just in dictatorships but equally in western-style liberal democracies – towards deliberate erosion of the space in which civil society is able to operate and exert its freedoms of speech and association. Read more »

Would you like some co-production with your co-design?

Tess Casey, CEO
Inclusive New Zealandphoto of Tess Casey

Recently nearly every meeting I’ve attended has involved a discussion about co-design.  Or co-production.  Or co-governance. Or co-creation.  ‘Co’ is the prefix of the moment. Read more »

Relax at Christmas

Raewyn FoxRaewyn Fox, CEO
New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services

It is December already, the shops are busy and the pressure is on to be ready for Christmas.

We all feel these pressures of shopping for food and presents, preparing for the big day, being ready to have family to stay or to travel to our holiday destinations. Then there is the pressure of having the children home for the holidays and juggling their needs with parents work commitments. Read more »

Umbrellas make us stand close together

photo of Peter GlensorPeter Glensor, General Manager
Hui E!

Last week we held a second meeting of national umbrella groups.  There were people from environmental, health and social services groups, groups giving advice, and groups working with old and young people.  We were reminded of the huge diversity of the community sector – faith communities, volunteering groups, cultural and sporting organisations, professional associations, the disability community, very large and very small groups. Read more »

Social investment is more than reprioritisation

photo of Trevor McGlincheyTrevor McGlinchey, Executive Officer
New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services

The government is actively promoting the Social Investment model – spending more now so that the tax-payer will spend less in the long run – as the mechanism to justify greater spending in the social sector.   This was first signalled in the Welfare Reforms where stopping people from being “welfare dependent” was the justification for greater expenditure in getting people into employment.   This model has now spread out to the wider social services. Read more »

Secrets Darwin could share

Tara D'SousaTara D’Sousa
National Manager, Social Service Providers Aotearoa Inc.

I am halfway through the fascinating David Quammen biography of Charles Darwin “The Kiwi’s Egg”, and given the antipodean reference in its title, I cannot but help reflect on its narrative in a way wholly unexpected by its subject, transposing a natural-history theme or two to the contemporary New Zealand social context. Read more »

What messages are NZ charities sending to the public?

Dianne Armstrong
Business Development Manager, Arthritis New Zealand


Definition: To avoid intruding upon, to treat with consideration


Definition: The transmission of ideas, information etc., between persons or places

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