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A new dawn?

Wren Green CID_cropped
Wren Green, Director,
Council for International Development

One should be cautious about grand pronouncements. Will we be justified in trumpeting a new dawn out of that most unlikely of places, the UN Headquarters in New York? Read more »

Credit where credit is due

photo of Peter GlensorPeter Glensor, General Manager
Hui E! Community Aotearoa

We in the community sector too often get stuck in a “poor me” attitude.  Life is tough in our sector – there are always new demands, and there’s never enough time or people or money to do all the things we need to do.  And we’re surrounded by people who don’t really understand how we work, what drives us, and where our strengths and skills are.  These past years have been especially tough – as money is held and reduced, and expectations keep growing about what we’ll do. Read more »

Every NZ student should be a NZ student volunteer

Scott Millar Aug 2015_croppedScott Miller, Chief Executive
Volunteering New Zealand

There is no good reason why every student in Aotearoa shouldn’t volunteer.

As Volunteering New Zealand and the volunteering sector turns its attention to the inaugural Student Volunteer Week (7th – 13th of September 2015), I find myself thinking about why students should volunteer. I want to draw attention to the barriers and misconceptions around volunteering in the student community and how organisations can better support students in their volunteering endeavours. Read more »

Let’s mobilise against domestic violence

photo of Sue McCabeSue McCabe
Chief Executive
National Council of Women of New Zealand

Words are no longer being minced when talking about New Zealand’s intolerably high rate of family and domestic violence.  Instead, everyone seems to be on the same page about the need to act. Read more »