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Recreational Water Quality Monitoring Starts Monday

Press Release – Hawkes Bay Regional Council

Hawkes Bay Regional Councils recreational water quality monitoring programme kicks off on Monday 3 November. This programme monitors popular bathing sites at the regions beaches, rivers and estuaries for indicators of harmful pathogens … Read more »

Website Enables Kiwis to Help Clean up Polluted Waterways

Press Release – Sustainable Business Network

New Zealands first environmental crowdfunding website, launched at the start of Conservation Week, makes it easy for all New Zealanders to help clean up polluted waterways. Read more »

New Signs Acknowledge New Zealand’s First Arboretum

Press Release – Thames Coromandel District Council

New Zealand’s oldest arboretum (curated botanical garden devoted to trees) received its most visible acknowledgement today with new signs installed renaming the former Thames William Hall Reserve as William Hall Arboretum. Read more »

Room 24 does it again for Kiwi conservation!

Press Release – Rainbow Springs

Rotorua, 31 October 2014: Lynmore Primary School’s Room 24 has done it again for Kiwi Conservation. Every year for the past four years teacher Gaylene Faulkner’s new entrant class has sold popcorn and handmade cards to raise money to sponsor a … Read more »

Petrel protection plan part of project

Press Release – Lincoln University

Asking why the Westland Black Petrel crossed the road may sound like a bad joke but it is a serious business for the bird and a Lincoln University researcher. The birds only breeding ground in the world is on the other side, so it is probably a bit keener … Read more »

Colmar Brunton poll of Christchurch residents about the cath

Press Release – Restore Christchurch Cathedral Group

The Colmar Brunton poll released today shows the majority of CHCH residents want the cathedral restored. Read more »

Weasels hitch a ride

Press Release – Ministry For Primary Industries

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is applauding a sharp-eyed worker who recently spotted some hitchhiking baby weasels at a quarantine facility in Hamilton. Read more »

Annual hazardous waste collection returns to Hawke’s Bay

Press Release – Hastings District Council

The Annual HazMobile collection of hazardous waste will return to Hawkes Bay in early November. Read more »

Judge clarifies areas of responsibility in big projects

Press Release – Duncan Cotterill

A recent case has set an important precedent for the engineering industry and those involved in development and subdivision projects. Read more »

Finding a balance between technology and nature

Press Release – Victoria University of Wellington

As peoples lives become increasingly high-tech they need to actively connect with the outdoors or they could become alienated from nature altogetherthats the stark message from a best-selling author who is coming to New Zealand to speak at … Read more »

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