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Hanging Rock planting creates bat habitat

Press Release – Environment Canterbury

A recent grant is helping South Canterbury farmer Alan Cone fast-track restoring a wetland where endangered long-tailed native bats have been found. Read more »

SPCA Shares Concern Over 1080 Poison Drop

Press Release – The Graf Boys

The SPCA has shared concern about a video clip covering the recent Department of Conservation’s Mt Pirongia aerial 1080 poison drop, near Hamilton. Read more »

Maritime New Zealand media release: Operation Moana

Press Release – Maritime New Zealand

Maritime New Zealand media release: Operation Moana A joint operation by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) and the New Zealand Defence Force has seen 16 fishing vessels operating off the west coast of the South Island boarded and inspected to ensure they are meeting … Read more »

Potential biocontrol agents settling into containment

Press Release – Landcare Research

Scientists at Landcare Research are investigating two small European insects as potential bio-control agents against the pest plant Tutsan (Hypericum androsaemum). Read more »

The Man Who Can Fly About to Land in NZ

Press Release – National Geographic

Behind every great National Geographic story theres an explorer who travels to the wildest places above and below the earth to bring back epic tales of adventure and discovery. Read more »

Key knew tourism business being sold out by foreign owners

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

John Key was aware that a highly successful tourism business would be shut down because new foreign buyers were cutting its access rights to farmland, Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove says. Read more »

NZ Landcare Trust: Campaign Focus Northland

Press Release – NZ Landcare Trust

A series of events will be delivered around the country as part of a weekend-of-action linked to the Communities for Clean Water campaign. In the first of a series of articles, we take a brief look at what’s planned for Northland. Read more »

MPI ups yacht biosecurity ante

Press Release – Ministry For Primary Industries

Yachts arriving in Northland from overseas this season will face greater biosecurity scrutiny, says the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Read more »

Crowdfunding to Save Native Fish

Press Release – NZ Landcare Trust

NZ Landcare Trust is offering an exciting project designed to assist native fish, as part of the launch of a new global crowdfunding category called ‘The Landcare & Environment Collection.’ This exciting step, aims to help raise funds and support, … Read more »

National overseeing increased pollution of Waikato River

Press Release – Green Party

National is overseeing massive dairy conversions in the Waikato that are likely to undermine the $210 million taxpayer funded clean-up of the Waikato River, the Green Party has revealed today. Read more »

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