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Ancient Amphibians Kickstart Key Conservation Project At Orana

Press Release – Orana Wildlife Park

Orana Wildlife Park is excited to welcome a brand new species to the zoo Maud Island frogs. This is the first time Orana has ever held a native frog. Six male and eleven female frogs, ranging from 18 to 25 years of age, have moved to a purpose-designed … Read more »

Petition To Ban Duck Shooting Circulating In New Zealand

Press Release – Lynley Tulloch

A petition to ban duck shooting in NZ has been created by animal advocacy group Starfish. It is circulating and gathering signatures to present to Rt. Hon. Jacinda Adern, Hon. David Parker and Hon. James Shaw. We created this petition for a number … Read more »

Metro Sports Facility’s Eco-friendly Energy System A New Zealand First

Press Release – Otakaro Limited

People in central Christchurch will no longer be watching valuable energy go down the drain with the Metro Sports Facility set to include New Zealands first Waste Water Heat Recovery System . tkaro Limited Chief Executive, John Bridgman, says … Read more »

National Tree Celebration Focuses On Mental Health

Press Release – Forest and Bird

Forest & Birds annual Be With a Tree celebration this year focuses on the intangible benefits of trees to people. Be With a Tree 2020 , which runs from 5-14 June , aims to inspire a love of nature that changes peoples lives as well … Read more »

Dip in diversity at equator

Press Release – University of Auckland

New research shows that instead of marine biodiversity being highest at the equator as widely expected, it actually dips there. While previous work at the University of Auckland suggested this was due to global warming, the latest study finds the … Read more »

Nature Tourism Will Be Back – Conservation Board Advisor

Article – Lois Williams – Local Democracy Reporter

Tourism on the West Coast has suffered a savage blow from Covid-19 — but it will come back, according to veteran conservationist, Gerry McSweeney. The former Forest and Bird director and his wife Ann Saunders were two of the first promoters of nature … Read more »

Kiwi Company, Toothcrush Deliver Eco Toothbrushes To Curb Plastic Consumption

Press Release – Toothcrush

Dentists recommend we replace our toothbrushes every three months. If we follow that advice, that equates to 287,640 kg of plastic to landfill every year. And that number doesn’t include the packaging. Enter Toothcrush , an innovative Kiwi company … Read more »

Adélie Penguins Contribute To A Better Understanding Of Marine Protected Areas In Antarctica

Press Release – Landcare Research

Satellites are keeping track of what Adlie penguins and other top predators get up to in the Antarctic, and those data are helping a multi-national research effort better understand the benefits of Marine Protected Areas in the Southern Ocean. Manaaki … Read more »

Electronic Waste, A Brighter Future

Press Release – Computer Recycling

With the worldwide use of consumer electronics on the rise, the amount of waste generated as these products fail and break down over time is only going to increase. By the end of this year globally mankind will have generated an estimated 50 million … Read more »

Are you sure that’s the right way?

Press Release – University of Auckland

Satellite tracking of whales migrating from Australia and New Zealand to summer feeding grounds shows some southern right whales or tohor are travelling in the opposite direction to what scientists expected. Read more »

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