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T-shirts change lives

Lynn McKenzieLynn McKenzie
Chief Executive
National Council of Women of New Zealand

Social media has a way of igniting conversations and providing access into a diverse array of ideas and points of view instantly and globally. On September 24 a conversation about gender equality was started and has been viewed to date over 2+million times.

This spokesperson for gender equality wasn’t anyone famous, not a recognised academic or commentator. Rather it was 8 year old Daisy Edmonds from the UK.

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A look at loyalty schemes

Raewyn FoxRaewyn Fox
NZ Federation of Family Budgeting Services

Fly buys, Onecard, Airpoints, AA Smart Card and the latest loyalty programme – Mega Card, the list is endless. Retailer loyalty schemes are ever increasing all trying to lure consumers to shop with their brand but this can end up costing consumers more in the long run for the reward. People’s wallets are bulging with various loyalty cards which may not be as rewarding as you first thought. Read more »

Community groups to be defacto arms of Government?

Trevor McGlinchey
Executive Officer
photo of Trevor McGlinchey NZ Council of Christian Social Services

There has been a quiet revolution occurring which will have profound impacts on community-based social services organisations.  This revolution was brought to my attention recently when the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the new style budgeting programme, Building Financial Capability, was released.  Buried in the RFP supplementary information is the requirement to provide Individual Client Level Data, or as it is colloquially known in government circles, ICLD.   This individual data includes the requirement to provide “Client Name, address, gender, date of birth, primary ethnicity, Iwi. Dependents Name, date of birth, relationship to client”. Read more »

When can we talk about the money?

photo of Tess CaseyTess Casey
Inclusive NZ

The disability community is changing it up this week.  We’re having a Rally at Parliament to let the Government know that they must invest in inclusive education.

This action has not been taken lightly.  Like most of the community sector our aim is to have constructive interactions with government and we are a little nervous about damaging what feels like a fragile relationship.  So it says a lot that the Education for All collaborative who are organising the rally felt that it was time to do something different.  Disabled people and families, in particular, feel that they have not been listened to and it is time to take a stand. Read more »

Why dilute responsibility for drinking water?

Warren L 200x300Warren Lindberg
Public Health Association

I generally sympathise with local bodies when the State imposes responsibilities without giving them the cash required to implement its bidding, but the drinking water crisis in Hawke’s Bay cries out for a greater sense of responsibility from Wellington.  This world-class stuff-up has thrown a strong light on a long-neglected public health issue that has made a third of the population of Havelock North sick, and is forcing us to face the fact that what comes out of the kitchen tap can no longer be taken for granted. Read more »

Hang together, or hang separately!

Peter Glensorphoto of Peter Glensor
General Manager
Hui E! Community Aotearoa

After three years of work in talking about, then setting up Hui E! Community Aotearoa, I’ve decided it’s time to move on. In early November I’m finishing my time as General Manager – and am glad we have a national entity that can link together the whole community sector.

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Speaking Out

Ros Rice,
Executive Officer, Ros 2015 short hair
Community Networks Aotearoa

As some of you might know, I am a total music nut.  What kind of music?  Anything and everything that speaks to me.  I spent a wonderful 3 ½ hours at the Vector Arena which were solid wall to wall “The Cure”.  I cried for a month over David Bowie’s death.  But nothing has quite got to me as much as the latest Jeff Beck album called ‘Loud Hailer’. Read more »

Beyond aid versus trade – what’s the combination that gets results?


Josie PaganiJosie Pagani
Council for International Development

I was in an ornate windowless room in Sweden last month with a handful of Social Democratic leaders when German economist Max Roser told them some good news; in 1981 more than 50% of the world population lived in absolute poverty – this is now down to about 14%. ‘Still too many, but good news’. Poverty, he said is now falling more quickly than ever before in world history. Read more »

Why bother?

Gabrielle O’Brien
Chief Executive  OfficerGabrielle OBrien
Birthright New Zealand

One of the things that I love about my job is the diversity of things I get to think about.

Today I have been contemplating big global initiatives (Open Government Partnership), statistics (the latest Families and Whanau Status Report from SUPERU) and a range of comments and reaction to articles we post on our organisation’s Facebook page (often focussed on the challenges but also the resilience and triumphs of those parenting alone).  This is, of course, sandwiched in between existential domestic conundrums such as “How is it possible for a nearly 15 year old to lose not one but two named school jerseys in less than 6 months???” Read more »

Enough is enough New Zealand, it’s time to promote positive gender culture

Lynn McKenzie
Chief Executive
National Council of Women of New ZealandLynn McKenzie

What do an influential advertising executive, an elite rugby team and a leading defense lawyer all have in common?  Sadly, they all share an archaic and disturbing attitude towards gender.

It’s been an extraordinary week in New Zealand in which we have been forced to confront the outdated attitudes towards gender that continue to pervade the many tiers of our society. Read more »

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