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Black November: when neighbours risked their lives to help neighbours

Warren L 200x300Warren Lindberg

Chief Executive | Public Health Association of New Zealand

Following last year’s World War 1 commemoration, the names of those whose lives were lost and of the great battles – Gallipoli, the Somme, Passchendaele, Monte Casino, the Coral Sea – are respectfully recalled on memorials around the country. Read more »

Going hungry in New Zealand | it’s not on!

Trevor McGlinchy

Executive Officerphoto of Trevor McGlinchey

New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services


“Not having enough food means I have no energy and getting food consumes my thoughts” **

Not knowing where your next meal is coming from, or “food insecurity”, in a country like New Zealand is not on.  We are a food producing, first world nation.  Yet food insecurity is a reality faced by too many of us. Read more »

A civil society perspective

anaru-fraser-huie-3Anaru Fraser
General Manager
Kaiwhakahaere Matua
Hui E! Community Aotearoa

On Sunday afternoon, 22 April, we packed the upstairs conference rooms at St Andrews Conference Centre in Wellington for the Civil Society SDG pre-Summit consultation. It provided an opportunity for civil society to come together ahead of and in preparation for the Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals the following day at Victoria University. Read more »

Ending homelessness in Aotearoa – will Budget 2018 do the trick?

marc-and-scott-resizedScott Figenshow
Chief Executive, and
Marc Slade
Senior Programme Manager
Community Housing Aotearoa

The Government has made a commitment to end child poverty, with housing at the heart of its policies to achieve this. Budget 2018 included a NZ$100m emergency housing package to tackle the growing problem of homelessness, and $2 billion towards the KiwiBuild affordable homes programme – moves heralded by some as ‘momentous’. Read more »

Royal Weddings and other Metaphors

Ros 2015 short hairRos Rice
Executive Officer
Community Networks Aotearoa

I can’t call myself a royal follower, but I did watch the Royal Wedding explaining to my American husband that I loved the rituals and the frocks and the amazing horses and such.  Read more »

Old-fashioned views about gender roles hold us all back from true equality


Gill Greer

Chief Executive, National Council of Women; spokesperson for Gender Equal NZ

As some readers might already know, Gender Equal NZ (led by the National Council of Women) has recently published the results from New Zealand’s first Gender Attitudes Survey, along with our Good Guys animated film and infographic. Read more »

Wellbeing is the new black

tess-2-copyTess Casey
Chief Executive
Neighbourhood Support

Since the government announced their intention to introduce wellbeing as a framework for policy making, everywhere you turn you seem to become involved in a conversation about well-being.  After years of trying to get this on the agenda and being met with polite smiles, overt eye-rolling and/or the irritated response of ‘Yes, that’s all very nice but how do you measure it?’, the community sector should be jumping and up and down with joy.  But experience has told us that when a concept becomes popularised the result is not always what we had wanted. Read more »

Working together to create social connection

louise-reesLouise Rees
National Coordinator Social Connection Services
Age Concern New Zealand

Loneliness has been in the news lately. We’re seeing headlines about a loneliness epidemic, and the health effects of loneliness. There is concern about lonely older people, and the economic impact of loneliness and social isolation as our population ages. We’re seeing articles about Age-Friendly Cities and Communities, and the UK’s new minister for loneliness. There are campaigns to end loneliness and promote kindness, and there are stories about people and communities coming together.
Read more »

Beyond Aid towards a ‘Pacific Union’

Josie PaganiJosie Pagani
Council for International Development

There’s been a lot of talk about a ‘Pacific Reset’ recently and for New Zealand’s international NGOs working in the Pacific, this could be transformational. Our members are excited.

Read more »

Snap, Crackle and Pop

Anya_ComVoices (1)Anya Satyanand
Executive Officer
Ara Taiohi

I want to talk about hope. Yesterday I had the privilege of witnessing one community opening its space, arms and hearts to another community, full of hope and generosity. In the whaikorero much was made of the easiness of beginnings- but it’s what happens in the weeks and months that follow and how we deal with difference and difficulty that defines the real quality of a relationship. Afterwards kids ran around in the dusk and we talked about hope. The kind of hope that is always present at events like these, but hangs particularly heavy in the air right now around Aotearoa in all the places where people are doing it tough. It’s in these communities that the community and voluntary sector are doing their most important work. Read more »

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