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Wasted talent: migrant volunteers

nicola_2018-200x300Nicola Sutton

Chief Executive | English Language Partners New Zealand

Forty percent of Auckland residents were born outside New Zealand. Other regions also have growing numbers of migrants and former refugees, many whose first language is other than English. Diverse skills, different cultural lenses, resilience gained by uprooting and resettling in a new location, and a keenness to fit in and be part of what is going on are just some of the benefits gained from involving newcomers. Read more »

Moving forward and lessons from across the ditch

soraiyaSoraiya Daud

Communications Advisor | FinCap

As the Communications Advisor at FinCap I thought I would use this blog post as an opportunity to talk about FinCap and the changes that have happened in the financial capability and budgeting sector.

You might be thinking, who on earth is FinCap and what do they do? Read more »

A Broken Welfare System

photo of Trevor McGlincheyTrevor McGlinchey

Executive Officer | New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services

New Zealand’s once proud social security system is broken.  You can help fix it, add your voice to the call for change. Go to  and have your say (before 9th November). Read more »

Ignorance is not bliss – context is everything

Nina Herriman

Chief Storyteller | National Council of Women of New Zealand

When I was a kid, they told me girls can do anything, and I believed them.  I still do.  That career as a top gun fighter pilot?  Still on the cards.  Every time I score a try at touch rugby, part of me waits for that call from Steve Hansen.  (Narrator: Nina never scores a try at touch rugby.) Despite a lifetime of very honest feedback from my family on my musical abilities, I’m certain I could make it as a rock star . Read more »

Lies, damned lies and statistics? Telling accurate stories from data

Nina Herriman

Chief Storyteller | National Council of Women of New Zealand

Gender Equal NZ, led by the National Council of Women is currently working on a Gender Dashboard which will collate and analyse data to build a shared understanding of the status of all women in Aotearoa New Zealand.

I’m going to explain here how we’re going use the Gender Dashboard to tell accurate stories about gender inequality. Read more »

Have your say: ComVoices State of the Sector Survey 2018

comvoices-blue-logo-may-2017ComVoices biennial survey on the state of the community and voluntary sector in New Zealand is now open. First run in 2014 and then again in 2016, the survey has become a key source of information about the wellbeing of community organisations working across a broad range of community issues and interests. Read more »

Seizing the opportunity for the community sector

ronjaievers-headshot1Ronja Ievers

Pou Takawaenga – External Relations Coordinator | Hui E! Community Aotearoa

We do know that better supporting our people who are disadvantaged; remedy inequality; ensuring every Kiwi has a home that is affordable, safe and warm, and protecting our environment are among the major areas of concern to New Zealand’s community sector. Read more »

What Single Parents are Telling Us

profile-pic-meganMegan Thomas

Interim Chief Executive | Birthright New Zealand

In my first three months as Birthright New Zealand’s chief executive I have deepened my knowledge and understanding of single parent families. More than a quarter of our families are single parent households. One in two women will find themselves parenting alone at some stage in their life. Read more »

Communities and wellbeing

Brenda photoBrenda Pilott

National Manager | Social Service Providers Aotearoa

At the weekend, the Prime Minister outlined the government’s plan for “a modern and prosperous New Zealand”.

Wellbeing of New Zealanders and their families is one of the key themes and is to form the basis of the 2019 Budget.  That seems like a good idea – it doesn’t make sense to have a strong economy if citizens aren’t doing well or if significant portions of the community are left behind. Read more »

Good business sense and ethical: the case for employing refugees

nicola_2018-200x300Nicola Sutton

Chief Executive | English Language Partners New Zealand

While New Zealand’s welcome for refugees is warm, our nation’s employers are less inclusive when it comes to offering jobs to newcomers from other countries. With persistent reports of skills shortages by employers, and a government commitment to increasing New Zealand’s refugee quota to 1,500 people, it is timely to discuss employing refugees. Read more »

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