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$30 Million Reasons To Celebrate Lotto NZ’s 33rd Birthday

Press Release – Lotto New Zealand

Its Lotto NZs 33rd birthday today and with a whopping $30 million up for grabs tonight, what better way to celebrate than look back on life-changing highlights over the last 33 years. Lotto NZ turns 33 today and were thrilled to be able …

It’s Lotto NZ’s 33rd birthday today and with a whopping $30 million up for grabs tonight, what better way to celebrate than look back on life-changing highlights over the last 33 years.

“Lotto NZ turns 33 today and we’re thrilled to be able to celebrate with a jaw-dropping $30 million Powerball jackpot tonight,” says Marie Winfield, Head of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility at Lotto NZ.

In the last 33 years, there’s been a massive 943 millionaires made with Lotto NZ games, and already this year there have been 28 millionaires, including seven Powerball multi-millionaires whose lives changed overnight.

Powerball has been making multi-millionaires since 2001 and so far, a total of 191 lucky Kiwis have experienced the life-changing moment of finding out they’ve won Powerball.

The largest ever Powerball win came in November 2016 when a couple from the Hibiscus Coast scored themselves a mammoth $44.1 million.

Earlier this year, two lucky winners from Auckland and Hawke’s Bay shared the historic $50 million Must Be Won jackpot taking home $25.1 million each.

The winning doesn’t stop there – every year, 100% of Lotto NZ profits support over 3,000 good causes all around the country and with over $4.6 billion* returned to Kiwi communities since 1987, it would be hard to find a community that hasn’t felt the positive impact of Lotto NZ funding.

“We exist to generate essential funding for New Zealand communities – so we’re incredibly proud to have returned $4.6 billion to charities and community groups. It’s a staggering amount, and incredible to support amazing causes like StarJam and Heartkids, who do such wonderful work and make a huge difference in their communities,” says Marie.

High jackpots capture the imagination of Kiwis all around the country and we know Kiwis are dreaming about what they would do if they won Powerball tonight.

Lotto NZ stores up and down the country are gearing up for a busy day, so we are encouraging players to get in early to make sure they’re in to win.

Lotto games are based on a lot of people, spending a little bit of money in the hope of winning big. At all times Lotto NZ encourages our customers to play smart – this means being informed, having fun and knowing your limits. For more information on the tools and resources we offer visitMyLotto.

* From 1 August 1987 to 30 June 2019

Largest Powerball wins by an individual 

  Date  Amount  Retailer  Location 
Nov 2016  $44.1 million  Dairy Flat Food Mart and Liquor  Auckland 
Sep 2013  $33.1 million  One Step Ahead  Auckland 
Sep 2017  $30.2 million  Richmond Superette  Taupo 
Oct 2010  $28.7 million  Mobil Papakura  Auckland 
May 2017  $27 million  Martina Four Square  Thames

Winning information 

· The most drawn Powerball number Powerball 2, which has been drawn 170 times

· Powerball First Division has been won a total of 191 times in the history of the game, which dates back to 2001

· Powerball has been won seven times already this year with another 21 players becoming overnight millionaires with Lotto and Strike

· The biggest Powerball prize won so far in 2020 was the historic $50 million Must Be Won draw in February, where two players from Auckland and Hawkes Bay split the prize taking home $25.1 million each

· The northernmost Powerball winner was a player from Taipa in Northland, who won $5 million in May 2019

· The southernmost Powerball winner was from a player from Invercargill, who won $20 million in 2013

· The biggest Powerball prize ever won was a massive $44.1 million won by a Hibiscus Coast couple in November 2016

· Players have been known to keep their winning tickets in weird and wonderful places – this includes taped to their bodies, underneath their pillow while they sleep, tucked inside the cover of an obscure DVD or even inside a piano stool

· The most common thing New Zealanders say they would spend a big win on is buying a house or paying off their mortgage

· The most northern Lotto store in the country is Houhora Wharf Four Square in Kaitaia and the most southern is Ship To Shore Four Square on Stewart Island.


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