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Trust’s Grant Budget Fully Subscribed

Press Release – Central Lakes Trust

Central Lakes Trust board met remotely last Monday to approve 12 grants in what was the last board meeting of the trusts financial year. The trusts annual grants budget was $9.10m to the 31st March 2020 with a 5% contingency. This final round …

Central Lakes Trust board met remotely last Monday to approve 12 grants in what was the last board meeting of the trust’s financial year.

The trusts annual grants budget was $9.10m to the 31st March 2020 with a 5% contingency. This final round of grants takes the total grants approved for this financial year to $9.54m, this includes year two of the five year tracks and trails commitment.

“We have finished the year just within our contingency of 5%. This was added to the grants budget last year, as a result of increased demand from our growing population,” says Trust Chief Executive, Susan Finlay. “We can expect the $9.4m for this upcoming year will also be fully subscribed,” she says.

Of the 12 grants approved this round, Volunteering Central receive a $60,000 operational grant towards the delivery of their service.

“Volunteering Central are at the forefront of the work being undertaken in our region due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are coordinating volunteers with both QLDC and CODC and social service agencies,” Finlay says.

Volunteering Central’s Senior Coordinator Gillian White says, “For many years we have had a relationship with the QLDC and their civil defence emergency management team to coordinate spontaneous volunteers in the event of an emergency. This is exactly what we are doing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic within our region.”

“We have been extremely busy getting processes up and running with both QLDC and CODC to enable volunteers to offer their support safely. We are working closely with social service organisations, and of course the councils, to ensure a coordinated welfare response. We also have fantastic support from Cromwell Community House and Alexandra Community House with volunteer connections in Central Otago. Roles so far include support for our older population, pharmacy deliveries, food deliveries and language support. We expect more roles to emerge as the lockdown continues and have had nearly 400 offers of help regionwide.”

Volunteering Central was instigated at Central Lakes Trust’s suggestion back in 2011 to better meet the needs of volunteers and organisations that involve volunteers in the region.

Their service covers Wanaka, Queenstown, Cromwell, Alexandra and areas in between, helping to connect volunteers with non-profit organisations, as well as offering support, training and resources to volunteer managers. They have 185 community organisations registered with some 1686 volunteers coordinated across the region.

Lakes District Air Rescue Trust again receives $200,000 to ensure mandatory on-going training requirements are met at the Queenstown base. Changes at a government level last year meant the level of funding required to keep this service operational increased significantly.

“As a critical emergency service to our region, it is important we provide funding to maintain the required level of training,” Finlay says.

$12,000 was granted to Otago Community Hospice Trust to assist with the purchase of an additional vehicle. The vehicle will enable the Hospice to increase staff numbers in the region, in particular extending palliative care services to patients and their families in the Upper Clutha area.

Central and Southern Kids Educational Trust receives funding to support local families with children on the autism spectrum or with other learning difficulties.

The trust provides education and therapy support for 13 students, this includes teacher aide, psychologist and occupational therapist costs, and parent coaching support, all with the aim of achieving better educational and life outcomes.

Mat Begg, Trust Grants Manager says, “The support provides significant flow on impacts to their families, networks, and school classmates.”

Central Lakes Trust are continuing to accept applications, make decisions, and make payments. “We are here to help, and are committed to supporting and looking out for our community and ensuring we are able to respond appropriately.”

We are encouraging you to keep connecting and engaging with us. In the first instance, please contact the team by email and we will direct your enquiry accordingly.


Project grants

Life Community Trust Operating assets for Red Frogs Support Network $22,400

Otago Community Hospice Trust Wanaka Community Carer vehicle contribution $12,000

Queenstown Preschool and Nursery Replacement flooring $11,300

Wanaka Golf Club Inc. Irrigation $50,000

Wanaka Tennis Club Court lighting & resurfacing $43,000

Operational / Programme grants

Central and Southern Kids Educational Trust Operational Grant 2020-21 $22,500

Disability Information Service Operational Grant 2020-21 $11,900

Lakes District Air Rescue Trust Operational Grant 2020-21 $200,000

Volunteering Central Operational Grant 2020-21 $60,000

Epilepsy New Zealand Operational Grant 2020-21 $4,830

Central Lakes Trust Initiatives

Central Otago District Council Emergency Management Fund $50,000
Queenstown Lakes District Council Emergency Management Fund $50,000

TOTAL: $537,480

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