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Tatou Tatou E! All of us together

Ros 2015 short hairRos Rice

Executive Officer | Community Networks Aotearoa

On the 27th and 28th of August two National organisations, Community Networks Aotearoa and the New Zealand Council of Social Services are working together for their biennial conference.  To be held in Wellington this year, the theme of the conference is Tātou Tātou E! Everyone Together the value of relationships in building wellbeing.

Our two organisations are walking the talk of the theme, which is about how wellbeing can only be encouraged when everyone works together.   We are not just talking about collaborative work between NGOs, it is also essential for Government and communities to work together as well.

We are very lucky to have Kath Harrison from Belong Blue Mountains, Australia. This is a new organisation that brings together Katoomba, Mid-Mountains and Lower Mountains Neighbourhood Centres.  They have joined together to form a strong local organisation that provides a range of services to communities across the Blue Mountains.  Kath will be talking to us about partnering for Wellbeing in Civil Society.

Many current issues will be discussed and debated at the conference – Tātou Tātou E! Everyone Together.

Cindy Kiro who was New Zealand’s fourth Children’s Commissioner opens with a presentation “Whakamana Tangata: Restoring dignity to Social Security in New Zealand”; Dr Bryce Edwards chairs a political panel featuring Minister Carmel Sepuloni, Minister Tracey Martin, Jan Logie and the Hon Alfred Ngaro who will be discussing “Where are the resources to support wellbeing” and Sacha McMeeking will be talking about “Changing social change – Maintaining the Why but changing the How we do what we do.” This is just a taste of the quality line up at the conference.

Significantly, we will be discussing one of the most important issues in New Zealand at the moment: How do we contribute to a sustained response to exclusion and discrimination following the events in Christchurch?  This theme will be running throughout the 2 days in tandem with Everyone Together as it is interwoven and integral to what our conference is trying to achieve.

We do hope to see you there where these issues of our time can be considered and debated.


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