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Te Rautaki mō Whanaungatanga

katie-bruceDr Katie Bruce

Chief Executive | Volunteering New Zealand

The last few weeks have demonstrated the power of volunteering and the need to connect through our differences.

Volunteering brings communities together, allowing people to work with and across our differences. Volunteering is time you spend for the benefit of the community without expectation of payment. It is a language of care and aroha. The meaning of volunteering, mahi aroha and social action differs. For Māori (mahi aroha) and Pacific peoples, for example, it is deeply rooted in culture.

Volunteering New Zealand has been working on a programme of work that includes drafting a strategy to support volunteering for migrants. This draft strategy emphasises the importance of connections. Through participation in meaningful volunteering, recent migrants can have a real opportunity to connect to, engage with, and enrich their communities.

Seeking feedback: Draft Strategy to Support Volunteering for Migrants

Volunteering New Zealand is seeking feedback and input through a consultation process on our draft strategy. A summary of the strategy is available: Strategy Summary.

We welcome feedback from any recent migrants and also from any organisation that involves volunteers in its activities. There are two separate feedback surveys:

We also invite you to share these feedback opportunities with your networks. If you would like to talk about the draft strategy with us, get in touch with our Programme Advisor – Consultation, Olga Smith. She can be contacted on

Te Rautaki mō Whanaungatanga: A National Strategy to Support Volunteering for Recent Migrants

We have drafted the recent migrant volunteering strategy because we want to improve the experiences of recent migrant volunteers and promote migrant volunteering best practice across the whole sector.

The strategy will support the volunteering sector towards inclusive, ethical, and impactful volunteering with recent migrants.

Our vision is that:

Recent migrants are able to connect to, engage with, and enrich their communities through meaningful volunteering. Recent migrants have opportunities to participate in inclusive, ethical, and impactful volunteering that is valued and supported by communities and community organisations.

The full strategy is available: Te Rautaki mō Whanaungatanga: A National Strategy to Support Volunteering for Recent Migrants

About the work of Volunteering New Zealand

Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ) represents the ‘voice of volunteering’ in Aotearoa and the 1.2 million people who volunteer within our communities. We are the only national organisation in New Zealand that focuses purely on volunteering and the volunteer workforce that powers New Zealand. We hold the ‘big picture’ and are in a position to liaise, work with, and advise volunteers, members, community and voluntary organisations, government and business sectors.

We work to ensure that volunteering occurs within a positive environment where it is encouraged and fostered. VNZ promotes volunteering and its value to New Zealand society through advocacy, promotion, and the creation of sector assessment tools like the Best Practice Guidelines and Competencies for Managers of Volunteers, and strategic resources and projects.


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