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Napier environment specialist stands for Regional Council

Press Release – Nichola Nicholson

Napier resident Nichola Nicholson is standing in the Napier constituency for a seat on the Hawkes Bay Regional Council in this years local body elections.Napier resident Nichola Nicholson is standing in the Napier constituency for a seat on the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council in this year’s local body elections.

Nicholson, who has worked as an Environmental Planner and as an Environmental Consultant says bringing diversity and a younger fresh approach to the Regional Council is important for Hawkes Bay. “I don’t think the Council currently is an accurate representation of the make-up of Hawke’s Bay. I’m running because I want to create a conversation around the environment and our region that reflects us all and that represents the interests and needs of Hawke’s Bay as a whole. I bring a youth adjacent voice and a female perspective that is lacking at the moment”.

Nicholson has also had roles within regional council consent departments as well as working with regional councils on behalf of clients. “My experience with councils means I understand first-hand, how things work from the inside. It also means I have a good understanding of relevant policy and legislation.”

Nicholson’s key points of focus are biodiversity, climate change/action, water and community representation. “We have been gifted with an incredibly beautiful region but also one that is productive and can support a positive economy. For this to continue, we need to focus on improving our environment. We need to support and develop a region that works for all of us now and in the future, because we are laying the foundations for those who come after us.”

Holding an Environmental Management Degree and having broad experience in environmental and carbon emission fields, Nicholson sees the Regional Council as a way she can be more involved in her community and give back to the region she loves. “I come from families that have always been involved in the community. It’s in my blood and I feel strongly that we should all be the change we want to see.”

She sees her skills and background being beneficial to the current Council. “Aside from my environmental knowledge, my work as a celebrant has given me unique insight to Hawke’s Bay’s tourism industry, as well as the opportunity to keep in touch with our local environment through spending time in some of our most beautiful locations and vistas. It has also given me the skills and confidence to engage with a wide range of people.”

An engaged Napier resident, Nicholson is a driven businesswoman, mother and energetic member of several Hawke’s Bay communities. “Everyone’s voice has a place in this conversation, and I want to sit at the table and represent the many people of Hawke’s Bay.”

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