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Christchurch girl Melissa Bayley releases her first single

Press Release – George Bayley

Christchurch girl Melissa Bayley releases her first single Ocean Blues on World Ocean Day with all proceeds to be donated to The Ocean ProjectChristchurch girl Melissa Bayley releases her first single ‘Ocean Blues’ on World Ocean Day with all proceeds to be donated to The Ocean Project, Melissa made it from 1200 applicants to the last 25 for the World Ocean Days committee selection, although not finally selected, she made it her mission to make a difference in her own way.

19-year-old Christchurch, NZ raised Melissa Bayley releases an Anthem ‘Ocean Blues’ for World Ocean Day on 8th June

All proceeds from OCEAN BLUES will go to

Ocean Blues is Christchurch raised Melissa Bayley’s first Single, with an Album in production due out in early 2020. Ocean Blues is a collaboration project produced and arranged by Bravo Bonez.

Ocean Blues has been produced in recognition of World Ocean Day 8th June 2019 – promoted by The Ocean Project

Melissa says the inspiration for the song is all around her –

“The glory of the Ocean and the necessity to look after it are struck in an emotional chorus calling everyone to stand up in a great wave.

Our Oceans health is one with our health. The Ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, provides half of the oxygen we breathe, many coastal communities depend on it as a protein source, a sanctuary to surf and swim, and is most importantly the home to magnificent creatures.

Yet we as a human race have collectively polluted and depleted the Ocean. Our actions and habits have seen species fished to extinction and millions of tonnes of plastic invading the seas and immeasurably harming them.

Let’s honour the wondrous ways of the world and reconnect with the flow of things.
The clock is ticking, our actions are stacking, the Ocean waves are crashing.

Will we sink or swim in this Ocean?
The decision is yours, every day.
For these Ocean Blues to become pure again.”

The vocals, lyrics and guitar were created by Melissa Bayley. Produced and arranged by Bravo Bonez –

All proceeds go towards ‘The Ocean Project’ to conserve our Oceans –

Ocean Blues will be Available through all streaming services – but you will contribute far far more if you actually buy the Single on itunes, Amazon or Google Play, as streaming services pay so little 0.003 cents per play, rather than $1.29 if you buy it from itunes to keep forever.

Ocean Blues, an Anthem for the Oceans, will be released 8th June at midnight your time.

Background –
Melissa Bayley 19, was born in NZ and raised in Christchurch attending Burnside High School where she was head girl of South House in year 12 and head of Sport in year 13. She is currently in her 2nd year at Victoria Uni studying Environmental Science.

She is a passionate advocate of our environment, setting up #Letsmakegreenmainstream in 2017, to bring a community wide focus on the changes we all need to make to go counter the damage we are currently doing to our planet. See LetsMakeGreenMainstream on Facebook or Youtube.

She is also a self-taught singer / song writer who focused her creativity on music in line with her environmental ambitions to help people’s awareness to change.

She is working on the production of an album to be released in 2020.

In late 2018 Melissa applied to be on the World Ocean Day Commitee. Since then lots has been happening. Bravo Bonez a very talented composer, arranger and producer picked up on Melissa’s post she did originally as an application for the World Oceans Day Committee – where she got down the last 25 out of over 1200 applicants. We are very lucky he very kindly offered to work with Melissa to orchestrate the song to become an Anthem for World Ocean Day.

They have worked hard over the months since and I am very proud to be able to tell you all that the Anthem will be released at midnight, wherever you are, on 8th June it is called ‘Ocean Blues’ – ALL proceeds will go to who organise World Ocean Day.

Please could you buy the song on itunes or Amazon if possible, as this will make a meaningful contribution as the streaming services only pay 0.003 cents per stream as opposed to $1.29 if you buy it and this goes to saving the Oceans.

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