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Mass synchronised Dog Walk goes Viral for a 4th year Running

Press Release – Big Dog Walk With Lots of Dogs

Launched entirely through Social Media, The Omega Plus Big Dog Walk has amassed a huge following for a fourth year following. This year on April 6th, at 10am, thousands of canines will be walked in Auckland, Wellington and CHCH.

14 March 2019
Launched entirely through Social Media, ‘The Omega Plus Big Dog Walk’ has amassed a huge following for a fourth year following. This year on April 6th, at 10am, thousands of canines will be walked in Auckland, Wellington and CHCH.

With pets being a 2 Billion dollar industry, it’s no wonder that this event simply named ‘The (Omega Plus) Big Dog Walk’ which all started out as a joke has taken hold of Kiwi’s for a fourth year in a row.

This year, the event will begin at 10am, across multiple cities. Starting with ‘the walk’, the event has amassed 20+ food and dog realted stall holders per event, competitions for event go-ers, free giveaways and samples and entertainment.

Alice McKinley, one of the original founders and the organiser for The Omega Plus Big Dog Walk for 2019, (previously The big Dog Walk with Lots of dogs’), is flying solo this year round with Bailey McCormack having gone on her OE in Edinburgh and Melissa Brenzinger taking her place as the Wellington lead.

““It turns out that Kiwi’s really love dogs”. The first event was huge, the second even bigger. Last year it seemed there wasn’t enough room in Waiting Park for all of us and it’s so awesome that everyone, loves the event enough so we can keep on running it!” Says Brenzinger.

This year, NZ owned Pet Food Company ‘Omega Plus’, will be the sponsors of the event.

“We were stoked to have a lot of interest from international and local Dog food companies this year to support the event but as a Kiwi made, charitable, sustainably minded and health brand, Omega Plus has been the perfect fit for our charity event!” McKinley said.

So what has made the event so successful we asked. “Firstly, it just started as a joke, the write up was fun and not too serious. We never want to be a brand that gets caught up in politics. It’s also not about us as the organisers at all. It’s about the dogs, which is why we support different charities each year, and our community we’ve created that supports us”. “We’ve made so many amazing connections through this event, including Omega Plus, CareVets, Pet Connect, the small dog businesses, fans and Photo Booth Fun”.

It was those connections that allowed Alice to start her own business, KIN, from her home town Napier in Hawke’s Bay specialising in the two things that launched The Big Dog Walk. Social and Events.

It’s awesome it’s a success and great to see how everyone gets behind it. We’re really conscious to keep the event fun and unpolitical with zero dramas while supporting charities.

At the end of the day, it’s businesses like Omega Plus that keep us running. Each year, we have to build on from the last year which funnily enough means we need more resource. Without the support of Omega Plus, we wouldn’t have an event for a fourth year.
“The Big Dog Walk philosophy is supporting charities like HUHA and Passion4Paws. For Lots of Dogs allows us to give back even more.” explains McKinley.

Money from sponsors and every dollar donated by attendees goes to local charities, chosen by our fans. Omega Plus has really helped by creating charity Big Dog Walk bandanas with all sales going directly to the charities.

The Big Dog Walk With Lots of Dogs – 2018

Napier | Marine Parade | 7 April | Facebook event

Hamilton | Lake Domain | 14 April | Facebook event

Wellington | Waitangi Park | 21 April | Facebook event

Auckland | Waiatarua Park | 28 April | Facebook event

Christchurch | North Hagley Park | 5 May | Facebook event


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