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Rainbow competency for mainstream organisations

janeeditedJack Trolove

Director | Rainbow Ready 

Jane Zintl

CEO | Ara Taiohi

Youth suicide is at epic proportions in Aotearoa.  This is not news to many, in fact most of us are personally affected by this reality at some level.  Perhaps less well known is that young people from our rainbow communities (those who identify as LGBTQI+) are amongst the highest rates of youth suicide, especially trans and gender diverse young people.  We are doing something wrong, and this has to change.

As part of the solution Ara Taiohi and RainbowYOUTH have collaborated with the wider Rainbow communities on a rainbow competency framework.  At Ara Taiohi we understand that the problem is not our rainbow young people, the problem is how we, in mainstream organisations, engage with them.  This rainbow competency framework is a peer-led initiative to make Aotearoa a better, more inclusive and accepting place for all young people to grow up in.

The journey of developing our rainbow competency framework (due to be released early 2019) has been a collaborative process that has completed a national stocktake of what’s currently happening in the LGBTQI+ training space, identifies areas of information gaps, and co-building a structure to sustainably house, grow, and deliver this framework.

Ara Taiohi’s vision is Te Puawaitanga Taiohi O Aotearoa, that Aotearoa is a place where all young people thrive.  For this to happen we need all young people, including our rainbow young people, feeling valued and hopeful about the future.


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