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Right Information, Right Appliance, Right Wattage

Press Release – Electricity Retailers’ Association of NZ

Right Information, Right Appliance, Right Wattage is Key to Ensuring Youre Getting the Best Value for Your ElectricityRight Information, Right Appliance, Right Wattage is Key to Ensuring You’re Getting the Best Value for Your Electricity

Recent news that people are buying inefficient heating appliances or appliances that are inappropriate for the size of the rooms and therefore not effective is concerning, says Mr Nick Robinson, Interim CE, ERANZ.

“Anyone who is buying a new appliance, whether its for heating, cooling or drying need to know how much electricity it draws and whether it’s going to be efficient and effective,” Robinson says.

Consumer and EECA’s Energywise ‘Being more efficient is all about choice’ page, which includes tools such as Rightware – so that New Zealanders can compare the runnings costs of appliances – are easy to use and there to help people make the right decisions for their cirucmstances. They are independent and full of good information.

“It’s concerning to hear when New Zealanders have thought they are doing the right thing buying a new heater or other home applicance, only to learn it’s not suited to the room and therefore not an efficient or affordable way of heating it,” says Robinson.

The following table is taken from EECA’s website and shows the variation in cosgts of running an elecgtric heater based on wattage of that heater.

As well as calculating the right size, choosing the right type of heater is another important consideration. We encourage people to talk with Sustainability Trust or other organisation with independent, certified home peformance advistors. They offer a free property assessment as well as expert advice and education to help people make sure their homes are warm, dry and to ensure they are choosing the right heating options.


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