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Wilson gifts car park for StarJam concert

Press Release – Wilson Parking

Wilson Parking will open their Pipitea Marae car park free for families attending Saturdays StarJam concert.Tuesday 21 November

Wilson gifts car park for StarJam concert

Wilson Parking will open their Pipitea Marae car park free for families attending Saturday’s StarJam concert.

StarJam is a not-for-profit that has been working with young people with disabilities (Jammers) since 2002.

Chris Tchernegovski, Wilson’s Wellington Commercial Manager says, “The decision was made easy by the knowledge that StarJam are making a huge difference in the lives our young New Zealanders living with disabilities.

“We were aware there is a game on the same night and wanted to ensure that the families attending the end of year concert this Saturday has as much easy access to their venue as possible.”

One in five New Zealanders live with a disability but StarJam believe through music and performance workshops that Jammers (young people involved in the programme) can explore their talents, gain new skills and build confidence to try new things.

“For those who don’t get a park right at Pipitea Marae we’re also offering 50% parking at local sites which have ParkMate,” says Tchernegovski.

StarJam CEO Mary Ansell says the offer was very generous. “We asked if it was possible to be given a couple of parks for some of the families with children in wheel chairs or for whom walking a distance is difficult. We didn’t expect to be given the whole car park for the evening and are very grateful for Wilson Parking’s generosity.

“The Jammers, tutors and volunteers can’t wait to share their talents at the end of year concerts, which are colourful, exhilarating celebrations epitomising the inclusiveness, diversity and positivity that is StarJam.

“We are incredibly grateful to all those who help make these end-of-year concerts happen; our community funding partners, venues, photographers, make-up and hair services. Their assistance is proof of the recognition by these individuals and organisations that our vulnerable young people deserve the support needed to make them feel like performing stars for a day.”


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