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A couple of things we can really influence

Anaru Fraser 
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Hui E!

Anei…post election…and we’re counting down towards the formation of our new government…will it be National-NZ First, or Labour-NZ First-Greens, or what’s possible but probably unlikely…a National-Greens coalition?

Heoi anō, suffice to say the sun will still rise and another day will commence regardless of who the new government will be. So let’s get back to a couple of things we can really influence…

International Civil Society Week 2017

Ae mārika, if you haven’t heard already there’ll be a global gathering ICSW 2017 for civil society/community sector and other stakeholders 4-8 December 2017 at the University of the Pacific Suva Fiji. Hui E! will be there supporting the affinity group of national organisations by contributing to a peer exchange workshop on Pacific capacity building. Your attendance can influence the outcomes and how we build a better future.

The ICSW 2017 is:

‘a key global gathering for civil society and other stakeholders to engage constructively in finding common solutions to global challenges. For the first time in more than 20 years of international convening, CIVICUS will hold its flagship event in the Pacific region.’

The gathering will be an opportunity to discuss many thematic issues of importance to our community sector such as domestic violence, vulnerable children, greenhouse gas emissions, gender equality and affordable and healthy housing. Under the three tracks: Our Planet; Our Struggles; Our Future, we’ll have opportunities to engage in broad topics ranging from climate perspectives, crises response, human rights, technology, capacity building, the Pacific economy, youth-led initiatives, sexual exploitation, resilience, self-determination, sustainability, collective citizen action.

The global meeting will be an important opportunity to engage with like-minded organisations throughout Pasifika…

“…now more than ever the world needs civil society to come up with bold and creative ideas to forge a more progressive future.”

Danny Sriskandarijah, Secretary General CIVICUS

1st New Zealand Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals, Wellington 18 April 2018

Oti rā, as part of our commitment towards a whole of community sector approach Hui E! will continue to promote the first summit on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) as another opportunity to discuss our key issues. We’ll have an opportunity to create a collective community sector perspective and ideas towards progressing the SDGs. This will be another opportunity for you to influence how we approach the future.

Hui E! is part of the SDG summit steering group along with the University of Victoria’s Sustainability Office, United Nations Association of NZ and Sustainable Business Council:

‘Our vision is that, by 2030, Aotearoa is delivering on the SDGs for people, planet and prosperity where no one is left behind…Leaders – defined by their ability to make change, and recognising the role of civil society – gather to be informed, inspired and facilitate action to deliver on the SDGs.’

Kāti rā, unlike the formation of our new government, you can influence the outcomes of these two events by attending and ensuring your voice is heard.

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