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Kilmarnock’s newly opened ‘Basecamp’ a success

Press Release – Kilmarnock Enterprises

Kilmarnocks new premises have been officially opened today by Prime Minister Bill English, in Wigram Business Park.Kilmarnock’s newly opened ‘Basecamp’ a success for social business

Kilmarnock’s new premises have been officially opened today by Prime Minister Bill English, in Wigram Business Park.

The newly opened ‘Basecamp’ is considerably larger than their previous site in Riccarton, providing greater opportunities for meaningful employment, training and opportunity for those with intellectual disabilities.

Kilmarnock, one of New Zealand’s leading social enterprises, initially began as a charity in 1957, and have maintained their commitment to embracing diversity and building a more inclusive community for those with disabilities. Kilmarnock is very successful commercially as well, partnering with companies such as Air New Zealand and Gough Group.

Basecamp represents their success – with the new facility, they are now able to provide their employees with the environment they deserve, providing opportunities to diversify their services and enabling employees to develop new skills and expertise.

The name ‘Basecamp’ came from the idea that Kilmarnock is a warm, safe starting point at the beginning of an ambitious journey. A place where people can prepare and become equipped before going on to achieve incredible things.

The opening of Basecamp will enable the next step in Kilmarnock’s journey – Kilmarnock Academy, which will seek to provide school leavers with disabilities with training, development and a smooth transition into work.

For New Zealanders with a disability, options following school are limited, and through the establishment of the Academy, school leavers will be empowered with tangible pathways and opportunities for meaningful employment.

Kilmarnock are seeking to strengthen their community ties through building relationships with corporate sponsors, partnering with others who are also passionate about business for social good.

Kilmarnock will also be hosting an open day on Monday 14th August, opening their doors to the public and hosting tours of the new Basecamp. The open day is located at Basecamp, 21 Lodestar Avenue, Wigram Business Park, and tours will run from 9.00am until 4.00pm on the day. RSVP’s are requested at

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