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Change in the Not-for-Profit Sector – what does it all mean?

Raewyn Fox
NZ Federation of Family Budgeting ServicesRaewyn Fox

In recent months many meetings I have attended and many of the articles read are discussing the changes in our sector. This is particularly so in the MSD Community Investment area. The particular sector I work in, previously the Budgeting Sector, now known as Building Financial Capability (change No.1!) has been one of the early areas to undergo the Community Investment revamp. There has been a co-design process for designing the services to be delivered, a complete change of funding methodology, new reporting measures and Individual Client Level Data reporting. Wow! I always wanted to be leading the way for others to a great new future but at the moment I feel more like a guinea pig.

In this process our national entity is winding up and contributing to the development of a new national entity to provide services and support to the providers.

We have 40 years’ worth of records, archives and other interesting items that I now have the job of sorting, recording for posterity and/or throwing away. That’s a lot of document destruction bins full.

During this task I am finding some fascinating facts such as since 1985 we have had:

  • Seven different methodologies of distributing the same pot of funding money.
  •  Six different approaches to reporting against the use of that money.

And since 1999 we have had:

  • Thirteen different funding advisers who have handled our national office MSD funding contacts.

So change has always been with us and is not going to stop but it is hard to remember that when you are tied up in the middle of the process.

I have also discovered:

  • In the 1980s we were worried about the high costs and shortage of housing in Auckland.
  • In the 1970s we were worried about the growing availability of credit and the debt levels of families.

So I have come to the conclusion that some things are always changing and that is not going to stop so we need to make the best of every opportunity and never lose sight of what will benefit our communities.

I have also learnt that problems we think are a new phenomenon are not new at all.

This is all the more reason for us to keep fighting to eliminate them.

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