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Whānau Ora delivering positive outcomes

Press Release – Pasifika Futures Limited

Pasifika Futures is pleased with the results of tracking Whnau Ora outcomes leading up to the third year of commissioning work.MEDIA RELEASE

30 June 2016

Whānau Ora delivering positive outcomes

Pasifika Futures is pleased with the results of tracking Whānau Ora outcomes leading up to the third year of commissioning work.

“It is encouraging to see some of the progress articulated in our second year of commissioning work and the progress that our families are making,” says Pasifika Futures Chairman, Dr Kiki Maoate.

“As a Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency for Pacific families we ensure the four key deliverables of being financially independent and resilient, living long and healthy lives, being educated, skilled and employed, leading and caring for our families and communities are well executed.”

“The results presented to us against high-level Whānau Ora outcomes has indicated great progress with the support and strong commitment by our partners and key organisations to deliver on our vision to support vulnerable families.”

Pasifika Futures Chief Executive Debbie Sorensen says over 4,600 families were engaged which is estimated to 18,700 individuals. 2,778 families were connected to core navigator support and 1,350 families engaged in innovation programmes.

“What has been achieved indicates a strong interest in working with Pacific families across many areas and the passion of our partners and key organisations. For instance; 2505/3879 families have completed financial plans or budget, 886/3879 families have begun to reduce debt by five percent or more, 8821/12752 families have set up bank accounts and are banking smarter, 3414/7060 families know about Early Childhood Education options and many have plans to enrol or have enrolled their children into ECE, 3073/6526 families have a health plan, 704/5618 families are now smoke free and 1244/3073 families are participating in culture or language classes.”

“These are positive changes. Such evidence confirms that whānau-centred approaches are working and demonstrates significant improvement in our results compared to our first year along with the achievements that families are making.”

“What we want to see are more Pacific families benefitting from these projects and setting their own path towards meeting most of their needs.”

“As we move into our third year we continue to focus on achieving our targets, supporting more families to implement their plans and supporting the many exciting and innovative projects that create new opportunities for our families.”

“We are pleased with what we have achieved after two years. The results we seek are tracking well and early indications from our families show good progress and achievement.”


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