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Life Central set to run CAP Money in Early October 2014

Press Release – Christians Against Poverty

Money Week is just around the corner so to celebrate, why not make it your goal to get your finances in order? Read more »

Pacific Islands Facing ‘Existential Threats’

Press Release – UN News

Joe Natuman, Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu, addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Cia Pak Read more »

New Zealand Red Cross Responds to Drought in Tonga

Press Release – NZ Red Cross

New Zealand Red Cross has sent an aid worker and two desalination units, to turn seawater into safe drinking water in the drought-hit Haapai islands of Tonga. Read more »

Big support for ‘local’ ambulance service

Press Release – Wellington Free Ambulance

The Greater Wellington and Wairarapa communities have collectively donated $120,000 to support their local ambulance service for another year. Wellington Free Ambulance chief executive, Diana Crossan, said the recent annual appeal was a resounding success … Read more »

Protected corals could be wiped out by deep sea mining

Press Release – Kiwis Against Seabed Mining

Wellington-30 September 2014Mining phosphate from the seabed of the Chatham Rise would remove a protected coral species crucial to the local ecosystem, an Environmental Protection Agency hearing into a seabed mining proposal was told this morning. Read more »

Traditional local knowledge helps Tonga face climate change

Press Release – Caritas Aotearoa

In the face of increasingly severe storms and changing weather patterns causing drought and floods, Caritas in Tonga is integrating traditional local knowledge of plants and weather warnings with scientific observations to help communities prepare and … Read more »

Independent Maori seats still needed in Parliament

Press Release – The Maori Party

Hes got to be joking! is the reaction of the president of the Maori Party, Rangimarie Naida Glavish to a call by a former Labour Minister of Maori Affairs, Dover Samuels, for debate by Maori on whether the Maori electorates are needed in … Read more »

How We Win on Climate Change

Article – Harvey Wasserman

Now that the dust has settled a bit, we can see that it will change things for a long time to come. Read more »

March and Rally to raise awareness on rape culture & consent

Press Release – Rape Crisis Dunedin

Every year, Rape Crisis Dunedin organises an awareness-raising event in the Dunedin community. In past years (2011-2013) it organised the Slutwalk march and rally. This year, the focus is on raising awareness about enthusiastic consent. The event is … Read more »

Delinquent- A Fundraising Feature Film

Press Release – Shadowlight Studios

When Peter, an ordinary quiet school boy arrives at his new school, he swiftly falls in with a group of friends. This is until Paige, the outgoing and self-professed leader of the group displays her blatant dislike for the more shy and timid character … Read more »

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