Tukituki Catchment Proposal –Board of Inquiry Hearing Day 19

Press Release – Hawkes Bay Regional Council

Hawkes Bay Fish & Game Council and Eastern Fish & Game Council (continued from 12 December)Tukituki Catchment Proposal –Board of Inquiry Hearing

Day 19 – 13 December 2013

Hawke’s Bay Fish & Game Council and Eastern Fish & Game Council (continued from 12 December)

Counsel for Fish & Game told the board the Fish & Game is not opposed to dams, agriculture or irrigation as long as it is undertaken sustainably. It states Tukituki Plan Change 6 is a risky strategy that has not been formulated with water quality and quantity in mind but rather land intensification. It wants to see the river managed to limit any further increase in nitrogen or phosphorus and work towards a reduction in nitrogen leaching.

Witnesses called:

• Freshwater ecologist – Dr Jonathon Abell told the board he felt a single nutrient approach was risky. He also said while he believed the TRIM model was OK for some applications he wanted to see more evidence of it working effectively before fully supporting it. He agredd with the board that it was an extremely complex issue with a range of experts with differing views.

Fish & Game will continue its case on Monday 16 December 2013.

Te Taiwhenua o Tamatea

Counsel for Te Taiwhenua o Tamatea told the board Tamatea supports Plan Change 6 and Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme. It says the people of its nine marae have customary authority over the area RWSS covers and have the kaitiaki responsibilities for the land and water in that area and therefore are the appropriate people to consult.

It says Tamatea does not accept Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated’s view that NKII is mandated to represent Taiwhenua or has any authority over it with respect to RMA matters.

It says the consultation around Plan Change 6 and RWSS reached those it needed to reach and was genuine and effective.

Witnesses called:

• Te Taiwhenua o Tamatea Chairman Professor Roger Maaka told the board HBRC addressed all of its concerns in respect to Plan Change 6 during consultation. He said he didn’t believe there was a divide in iwi in Hawke’s Bay, rather different opinions that can be discussed with reasoned debate.

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