When is a religious ad not a religious ad?

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Following a complaint, Maori TV agreed in late May to make it clear that ads broadcast for drugfreeworld were funded by the Church of Scientology.Q. When is a religious ad not a religious ad?

A. When it’s screened on Maori TV.

Maori TV has reneged on a commitment to be more transparent when broadcasting advertisements funded by the Church of Scientology.

Following a complaint, Maori TV agreed in late May to make it clear that ads broadcast for drugfreeworld were funded by the Church of Scientology.

However the drugfreeworld ads continue to play without any indication of their religious basis.

A formal complaint has now been laid with the ASA, who consider breeches of the advertising standards.

‘The fact that the ads screen on the reality prison show ‘Songs from the Inside’ suggest a targeted at vulnerable members of the community,’ says Gareth Seymour, who made the complaint. ”It’s a free society, but there are guidelines that suggest consumers be presented with ‘truth’ in advertising.’ Drugfreeworld, and Maori TV, have crossed that line’

‘We hope that the ASA will give clear direction about religious advertising needing to be transparent.

MTV should be required to add a rider, stating that ‘drugfree’ ads are brought to viewers by the Church of Scientology.’

NB: the drugfree campaign discourages the use of prescription medicines when dealing with addictions.


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  1. Earl Graystoke, 11. June 2012, 19:23

    You are working very hard, yet unsuccessfully, to cover up your bigot’s agenda.

    Please shut off your knee-jerk hate reflex for two minutes and look up the word “religious.”

    Do these ads promote eternal salvation, the nature of God, Heaven or Hell? Do they even sell a book that treats even one of those points. No, and a long string of No’s!

    Those points would be the materials of a religious ad. And they are absent. Ergo…well, you do the logic.

    Your very suggestion that every do-gooder ad by the Scientologists must be accompanied by a pronunciamento that it’s from “those Scientologists” betrays your pre-programmed mindset.

    It’s much akin to 1930s German Jews having to wear armbands to “identify themselves,” lest somebody freely converse with a Jew and not know it.

    When a church is doing something useful for your community–and the community so direly needs drug-abuse clean-up–if I were you, I’d shut up and say “Thank You! How may I help! I want to help you get this project moving and helping people!”

  2. Kevin Owen, 12. June 2012, 19:40

    Checkout the drugfreeworld booklets below

    The Truth About Drugs is a series of thirteen illustrated drug information booklets containing facts about the most commonly abused drugs.
    This website contains the full text of these booklets, which were specifically written for young people, but contain facts adults need to know as well. Written in plain language, easy to understand, and available in 22 languages, this information explains the physical and mental effects of drugs on a person. It tells true stories of people who have used drugs and became addicted to them. read more

    To read any of the 13 booklets online, just click on one of the covers

  3. Quirkygal, 13. June 2012, 2:09

    This greedy cult has a finger in every pot. Time to shut down this cult before more people are scammed, hurt and or abused.

  4. xenubarb, 13. June 2012, 7:33

    All you need to know about dubious Scientology front groups is online.
    The drugfreeworld site will direct those seeking help for substance abuse to Narconon, Scientology’s “drug rehab” program.

    Google ‘Narconon deaths abuses’

    You will be horrified to learn that this program hasn’t been shut down by authorities in many places, Quebec being a recent exception. The government reviewed tonnes of documents before closing down the Narconon Trois Rivieres facility, and for good reason.

  5. Mary McConnell, 15. October 2012, 13:50

    Thank you for this important public announcement. Keep up the good work. Maori TV should be held accountable to disclose the truth. Drug Free World & the Narconon drug program are both front groups of the Church of Scientology.

    Readers can visit Reaching For The Tipping Point Forum for more information about these and other Scientology front groups masquerading as “do-good” organizations. that exist for the sole purpose of generating goodwill so as to recruit members into the church.


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