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Youth Flood Central Wellington

Press Release – Generation Zero

Youth Flood Central Wellington to Demand Government Action on Climate Change Friday 9 March 2012 Generation Zero FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEYouth Flood Central Wellington to Demand Government Action on Climate Change
Friday 9 March 2012
Generation Zero

A flash mob of 150 young people dressed in blue flooded through Cuba St in Central Wellington at 5:30pm today in the form of a choreographed ‘storm surge’.

The event demonstrated the impact that sea level rise would have on Wellington and coastal regions throughout the world unless strong and immediate action is taken on climate change.

The flash mob was organised by Generation Zero, a group of young New Zealanders who want to see the Government take stronger action on climate change to deliver intergenerational justice.

40 people began the dance and the group grew in size as dancers emerged from shops and bars to join in, removing their jerseys to reveal blue t-shirts. The ‘storm surge’ dissipated after reaching the end of the Cuba Mall.

“The flash mob demonstrated the power of human beings to work together and take action on climate change,” coordinator Rachel Ward said. “Young people are not just going to sit back and watch while the Government tries to sweep this problem under the carpet.”

Research by numerous scientists and organisations has shown that greenhouse gas emissions need to peak globally before 2020 in order to maintain a decent chance of avoiding major climate disruption.

Generation Zero says Ministry for Environment projections show that New Zealand currently has no plan to start reducing greenhouse gas emissions at all.

“The Government’s lack of support for smart transport, its active encouragement of more mining of coal, oil and gas, and its further weakening of the Emissions Trading Scheme are taking us in the opposite direction from where we need to be heading,” said Miss Ward.

The flash mob was one of many events run by Generation Zero around the country as students return to study. Victoria University Student’s Association Environmental Officer Sophie Turner said it was a great opportunity for university students to get involved in the global climate movement.

“Young people are becoming increasingly aware of the impact climate change will have on their lives, and I think a lot of them saw the flash mob as an opportunity to do something fun and positive, while helping to combat an otherwise serious issue,” said Miss Turner.

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