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The Venerable Dr Hone Kaa dies in Auckland

Press Release – The Kaa Whanau

Surrounded by whanau Senior Anglican Priest and Child Advocate Dr Hone Kaa died last night in Auckland after a short battle with cancer.MEDIA RELEASE FROM THE KAA WHANAU

30 March 2012

The Venerable Dr Hone Kaa dies in Auckland
Surrounded by whanau Senior Anglican Priest and Child Advocate Dr Hone Kaa died last night in Auckland after a short battle with cancer.

He will lie at the Holy Sepulchre Church on Khyber Pass Rd in Auckland late this afternoon, where he will remain until Sunday morning. A requiem mass will be held at the Holy Sepulchre at 5pm, Saturday evening, 31 March.

On Sunday morning his body will be taken to Hinepare Marae, Rangitukia, East Cape. Dr Kaa will be buried at Okaroro urupa Tuesday morning.

Over 50 years Dr Kaa had an extensive career that included parish ministry, broadcasting, local and international activism, teaching and child advocacy. His contribution to the Church, Maori development, tino rangatiratanga, international social justice issues and the discourse of the rights of Maori children has been profound.

Dr Kaa also pursued a lifelong commitment to indigenous theological, intellectual and academic excellence.

In spite of his deteriorating health, during his last public appearance he attended the High Court trial in support of the ‘Urewera Four’, a display of his on-going commitment to social justice issues.

Dr Hone Kaa
The son of Tipiwhenua and Hohipine Kaa, and one of thirteen siblings, Dr Kaa was born on 9 April 1941 at Rangitukia on the East Cape of the North Island.


Dr Kaa was educated at Rangitukia Primary School, and St Stephen’s School in Bombay. From 1963-1965 he trained as a priest at St John’s Theological College in Auckland. From 1973-1975 he returned to tertiary study to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Maori Studies at the University of Auckland.

Dr Kaa completed a Master of Arts (Hons) in Education in 1999, and from 2000-2003 he completed a D.Min. at the Epsicopal Divinity School at Harvard University in the United States.

Ministry and Activism

Early in his church career Dr Kaa was the Anglican Minister at Taupo and Porangahau (Hawkes Bay), and from 1977 to 1983 he was Minister of the Auckland Anglican Maori Mission. During this period he was a member of the Waitangi Action Committee, and along with fellow members like Hone Harawira and Shane Jones, was a strong advocate of tino rangatiratanga.

Through his work with the World Council of Churches, and the Christian Conference of Asia, Dr Kaa supported the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa and indigenous rights movements in other parts of the world.

In 1982 he was appointed a Canon of the Cathedral, and from 1983 to 1987 trained Maori clergy around the country. Dr Kaa was the Chaplain of Queen Victoria School from 1995-97, and from 1997 to 2011 he lectured in pastoral studies at St John’s Theological College.


Dr Kaa was an experienced media veteran working for TVNZ from 1987-1989, and managing Aotearoa Radio from 1989-1992.

Te Puni Kokiri

Dr Kaa worked as a consultant for Te Puni Kokiri from 1992-94.

Maori Child Advocacy

During 2007 Dr Kaa convened the Maori Child Abuse Summit. Maori from around the country gathered at the summit to develop a plan to deal with high rates of Maori child abuse. The Summit gave birth to the Maori child advocacy organisation Ririki which Dr Kaa has chaired for almost five years.

As a result of this work Dr Kaa was named third most influential Maori leader by the NZ Listener in 2009.

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