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Positive new book on positive psychology

Press Release – Open Polytechnic

An exciting new eBook on positive psychology was launched this week with all money from sales going towards research on wellbeing.The Open Polytechnic
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Date: 20/03/2012

Positive new book on positive psychology

An exciting new eBook on positive psychology was launched this week with all money from sales going towards research on wellbeing.

Written by Dr Aaron Jarden – New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology (NZAPP) President and a Senior Lecturer of Psychology at the Open Polytechnic – the book features interviews with thirteen experts in different areas of the new field of positive psychology.

“On a flight to a positive psychology conference in the U.S.A I started noting down all of the questions I wanted answered by the experts I was going to meet. When I got there, I decided to begin interviewing them and they agreed. The areas covered in this book are the kinds of questions I always get asked myself as president of the NZAPP,” says Dr. Jarden.

Available in Kindle Edition on Amazon, ‘Positive Psychologists on Positive Psychology’ will be available for two months before it is published as a special edition available for free via the International Journal of Wellbeing (IJW) – an open-access online journal devoted to the study of human wellbeing.

“One purpose of the book was to raise funds for the IJW to further wellbeing research. After its initial listing on Amazon we will then make it free for IJW readers to help promote the journal. Making it free also serves the purpose of getting knowledge of positive psychology out to other academics in psychology who are becoming interested into positive psychology, but don’t really know the lay of the land,” says Dr Jarden.

“It is easy reading and gives insight into how the field came about, what its challenges are and where it is going. This kind of information is not usually discussed, at least not in books or articles. It also highlights discrepancies and areas of agreement between leading figures in the field.”

Just published, the book is already featured in the best seller list on Amazon in its respective category.

“It’s now being translated into Czech, with discussions currently underway to translate the book into Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.

“I would like to write an update in two years as the field is at a tipping point and will change a lot over the next two years,” says Dr Jarden.

For more information on the International Journal of Wellbeing, please go to the website

To purchase the book go to Amazon

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