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NZ’s largest solar subdivision to be built in Canterbury

Press Release – Solar City

MEDIA RELEASE Thursday February 2, 2012 New Zealand’s largest solar subdivision to be built in Canterbury MEDIA RELEASE Thursday February 2, 2012 New Zealand’s largest solar subdivision to be built in Canterbury New Zealand’s largest solar subdivision is on its way to Canterbury, supplying home owners with about a quarter of a typical home’s energy needs.

Maxim Projects Ltd, one of Canterbury’s developers leading the rebuilding of Christchurch, today announced a new partnership with Meridian Energy and SolarCity to build New Zealand’s largest subdivision utilising solar energy.

The solar installations will be made available as standard for each new home constructed by Maxim at its 2,200 section Highfield subdivision in northwest Christchurch. Additionally, solar installations will be available across Maxim’s full 3,500 lot property portfolio, the company confirms. Each solar installation will provide around a quarter of a typical home’s energy needs.

The Maxim Group of companies has earned a reputation as one of the leaders of New Zealand’s new generation of design build construction companies. Maxim’s focus on design build development and construction of land and building projects emphasises the proactive application of leading design principles and work practices in every project.

Roy Hamilton, Director of Maxim Projects said, “Maxim is proud of its LifetimeCare commitment. Our developments are already some of the first in New Zealand to carry the government’s LifeMark credentials and our homes will now be built with electricity supplied by Meridian (New Zealand’s largest renewable energy generator) and will be the first to be fitted with the latest in solar technology. We are aiming to make our developments centres of excellence across the nation and we are committed to leading the way by building the nation’s first solar subdivision.”

Andrew Booth, CEO of SolarCity said, “The solar across Maxim’s developments will showcase the important role solar will play in rebuilding a more sustainable future for Canterbury. It’s fantastic that such a progressive and world class development leads the way, powered by 21st Century energy. Solar is one of the fastest growing energy technologies in the world, simply because it is clean, reliable and a readily available alternative to fossil fuels.”

“Homeowners will see massive benefits of these new solar systems, as they will provide at least one quarter of the power needed to run their homes,” he said. “The systems will also allow power to be fed back into the grid, further reducing the daily running of their properties.”

Local Christchurch firm EnaSolar will be manufacturing the solar inverters used in the solar technology solution in the Maxim Project development.

Gary Foot, Managing Director of Enatel/EnaSolar said, “There is a growing demand for solar technologies from consumers and industry professionals, and we are elated that Maxim Projects has decided to include solar energy in their development.

“This requires real vision and innovation on their part and a project of this scale will clearly become the ‘bench mark’ for the building industry and consumers alike wishing to adopt solar energy, not just in Christchurch but throughout New Zealand,” he said.

“I am thrilled that Maxim Projects have the broad thinking to offer solar as a standard feature in their new homes,” Foot added.

“The Canterbury rebuild is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate that companies like ours are ready, willing and able to offer the professional support that is required for commercial and consumer domestic renewable solutions. And with the need to support local employment and local projects such as the Highfield development, our business is geared to supply the demand.”

Bill Highet, Meridian Energy’s General Manager Retail, is proud of Meridian’s involvement in the project. “This partnership builds on the solar hot water campaign we launched in July that aims to help our customers reduce their electricity bills while also helping the country reduce its carbon emissions. It also means we can help rebuild Canterbury, supporting our communities for generations to come.” – ends – BACKGROUND Panasonic HIT Solar Panels Panasonic New Zealand will be the suppler of the solar panels for the new Highfield subdivision. The solar panels will generate 235 watts and are 100% emission free with no moving parts and no noise, making them 25% more efficient. The panel’s length is 1580 mm and width 798mm and weighting only 15kg. The HIT panels, as they are known, stands for heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer, which according to Panasonic provides industry leading performance and value using state of the art manufacturing techniques. It is the ultra-thinness that is the main attraction of the HIT range, as the thinner the panel the better the conversion rate. The HIT conversion rate is generally regarded as higher than other panels, producing around 10% more power per watt. This is obviously a very attractive proposition for those who have limited roof space and want to get the most from their panels. Panasonic is establishing a reputable name for itself in the renewable energy field and has a number of large production facilities in Japan. About SolarCity New Zealand SolarCity is the nation’s leading solar power company, and the first solar company in the world to achieve CarboNZero accreditation. With a manufacturing plant in Christchurch, SolarCity has put more solar systems on homes and businesses than anyone else. We are in business for a purpose – to help create a cleaner world and a more sustainable future. We envisage solar systems on the roof of every building, backed up by other microrenewables, supplying clean power and achieving deep cuts in carbon emissions. About Maxim Projects Maxim Projects provides a wide range of integrated design-build, development and construction services. Its projects all provide cost-effective, high quality ready-to-move-in homes, as well as water and wastewater solutions, and supported accommodation. Each project comprises of well designed “all of life” homes, which accommodate changes in use, and advancements in technology. Highfield is a community being built to the north of Christchurch, where all residences will meet new generation standards of design and flexibility to meet the ‘Lifetime Care’guidelines for heating, insulation, ventilation and access. The Highfield subdivision offers house and land packages with homes ranging from apartments to million-dollar houses. Prices start at $275,000, with most between $300,000 and $400,000. There will also be reserves and two shopping precincts. For more information:, About Panasonic Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of electronic products for a wide range of consumer, business, and industrial needs. Based in Osaka, Japan. Additional information on Panasonic solar panels is attached. For more information: About Meridian Meridian generates electricity from New Zealand’s renewable resources. We develop electricity from renewable resources, from wind, water and the sun here and overseas. We retail electricity, and also develop innovative energy products and services. Meridian, in partnership with SolarCity, now provides competitively priced solar hot water systems to customers. For more information: About EnaSolar and SolarCity New Zealand Alliance EnaSolar, a wholly – own division of Enatel (a Christchurch – based solar inverter manufacturer) and SolarCity New Zealand, which has long experience in solar thermal manufacturing and installation management, have embarked on a strategic partnership. The partnership is based on joint interest in providing renewable energy products, services and training for installers and industry experts in the New Zealand market. With the enormous amount of domestic experience in design and installation, the companies will be able to provide world class training and support to anyone interested in the renewables sector, from a training centre in Christchurch.

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