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France Helps Fiji

Press Release – Fiji Club Of New ZealandTuesday, February 14, 2012

“The French Government displays international leadership by swiftly helping and engaging with their Fijian counterparts in the rebuilding of Fiji after the recent devastating flood,said Alton Shameem the president of Fiji Club New Zealand (FCNZ).

“Our fellow Fijians are indeed delighted and heartened to see the French military aircraft assessing the colossal damage inflicted in the western division of Viti Levu the largest island of Fiji.

Fijians, our fellow New Zealanders and cousins the Australians are indeed wondering when their close neighbors New Zealand and Australians governments will show leadership and help our Fijian brothers and sisters in their time of great need. Their silence is indeed deafening.

This destructive flood was more lethal than the one our fellow Fijians endured and suffered in 2009. They lost their precious homes, farms, stock, livelihood, and their businesses,” Alton Shameem said.

“The flood damage is estimated to be over F$30 million dollars and the Fijian government did declare a state of emergency to help in search and rescue.

“Please donate generously to Red Cross in Fiji and New Zealand, respectively or to your favorite charities and state that it is for 2012 Fiji Western Division flood relief assistance,

“We sincerely thank the French Government and the good people of France for their humanitarian gesture, goodwill, leadership and all valuable assistance in helping our fellow Fijians to get back on their feet again”, said Alton Shameem.

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