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New Board to lead Oil and Gas Body

Press Release – PEPANZ

PEPANZ (Petroleum Exploration and Production Association NZ) today announced the appointment of a new governing board for the Association, following a Special General Meeting held in Wellington recently.Media Statement – New Board to lead Oil and Gas Body

PEPANZ (Petroleum Exploration and Production Association NZ) today announced the appointment of a new governing board for the Association, following a Special General Meeting held in Wellington recently.

The board comprises the most senior, in country, person of each major explorer and producer member as well as senior associate members. The board will be chaired by Chris Bush, General Manager of Origin Energy NZ. Other board members are:

• Paul Moore – Todd Energy; Deputy Chair
• Alan Seay – Anadarko
• Andrew Knight – NZ Oil and Gas
• Peter Zeilinger – OMV
• Rob Jager – Shell
• Dennis Washer – AWE
• David Coull – Bell Gully
• Peter Johnson – Piping and Tubing

“The new board and management of PEPANZ are committed to the safe, environmentally responsible and profitable exploration and development of New Zealand’s oil and gas potential for the benefit of all New Zealanders,” Mr Bush said.

“Under the governance of the new board PEPANZ will be focused on ensuring NZ is an attractive and effectively governed location for both New Zealand and international explorers and producers to participate so that the industry can continue to add to New Zealand’s economic development. We will also need to work harder to ensure the public understand our industry better and the significant benefits it brings to New Zealand.”

Mr Bush also announced the appointment of David Robinson as Chief Executive Officer and an increase in funding to enhance the resourcing and capability of the association.

Mr Robinson said that in the year to 30 June 2010, the Government received $432 million from petroleum royalties and a further $300 million in direct taxes, representing a significant contribution to the New Zealand economy and is the fourth largest contributor to treasury funds by sector.

“We cannot take the ongoing development of the petroleum sector for granted. New Zealand is a long way from the rest of the world, our oil and gas is hard to find and by international standards we have a small local gas market. It’s important to remember that we are competing with other countries for the explorer and producers investment dollar”.

PEPANZ CEO David Robinson noted that Venture Taranaki estimates at a minimum, the O&G industry directly employs 3,730 full time equivalents (“FTEs”) and contributes $1.9 billion to the New Zealand economy. Adding indirect and induced effects increases employment to 7,700 FTEs and GDP contribution of the O&G industry to $2.5 billion.

“Current levels of investment in exploration and new production are insufficient to maintain these returns to New Zealand. It is very important there is investment in both exploration and production to ensure that the industry continues to provide energy security and revenue for the benefit of investors and the people of New Zealand”.

“More than ever PEPANZ is committed to ensuring that in pursuit of our oil and gas development objectives the sector continues to ensure the highest ethical and professional standards are maintained in all aspects of the business – from health and safety, to environmental safeguards and stakeholder consultation,” Mr Robinson said.


David Robinson – PEPANZ Chief Executive Officer
The Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand
Based in Wellington, David Robinson is Chief Executive Officer of PEPANZ. David has responsibility for overseeing the overall strategic direction and operation of PEPANZ. This includes:

• Managing the key stakeholder relationships necessary to create and operational and investment environment that will enable the full value of New Zealand’s natural resources to be realised safely, environmentally responsibly and profitably for the benefit of industry participants and all New Zealanders.
• Contributing to the development of broader government policies and legislation.
• Developing business cases based on sound commercial and technical analysis.
• Providing leadership to the industry to ensure the highest professional standards are maintained.
• Promoting the sophisticated technical expertise and excellent health, safety and environmental track record of the industry in New Zealand.

Prior to joining PEPANZ, David was Commercial General Manger of Z Energy’s commercial business; a Director of Shell New Zealand; and held a number of senior downstream commercial regional and global positions within Shell both in New Zealand and overseas.

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