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Data-base essential to stop criminals travelling abroad

Press Release – Sensible Sentencing Trust

The Sensible Sentencing Trust believes it is essential the Government establish an on-line offender data-base to prohibit anyone lying about their criminal history.
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On line offender data-base essential to stop criminals travelling abroad
The Sensible Sentencing Trust believes it is essential the Government establish an on-line offender data-base to prohibit anyone lying about their criminal history.
The call comes after Australian officials expressed concerns about the number of criminals who had told lies and misled immigration officials in order to gain entry to Australia.
Sensible Sentencing Trust Spokesman, Garth McVicar said public safety must always outweigh the ‘human rights’ of criminals and should be the overriding priority.
“It is a shocking indictment that New Zealand criminals, some with long criminal histories, have been able to travel to Australia and commit crime and hurt innocent people in that country.”
“Sensible Sentencing Trust currently operates a publicly available offender data-base but it is a massive job to maintain and is beyond our capabilities to research and list all offenders.”
“While our offender data-base is by-no-means a comprehensive list of all offenders we have proved it to be an effective weapon in the fight against crime and hugely successful in protecting the public and reduce victimisation.”
“Public safety is a Government responsibility. This debacle is clear evidence that the time has come for all offenders to have their names and criminal history published in an online, publicly available offender data-base.”
Below is list of offenders published in Brisbane’s Sunday Mail.
The Sunday Mail [Brisbane, Qld] 22 Jan 2012: 10.
Jailed in NZ for nine years and three months for manslaughter and rape after a violent sexual assault that led to a woman’s death. A child seriously injured in same attack. Also convicted for assaults on women, a weapons charge and wilful damage to property between 1986 and 2002. When he came to Australia in 2004 he said he had no criminal convictions. “I ticked no because I was afraid I would be sent back to NZ and I didn’t want to be away from my wife-to-be and children,” he told the tribunal. Was the subject of five domestic violence orders in Queensland. Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) appeal rejected October 2011, Brisbane.
Pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery, kidnapping and car conversion in NZ in 1991. He committed three very serious armed robberies involving hostages and was sentenced to 10 years in jail. First came to Australia in 2006 and was jailed for five years and six months for grievous bodily harm with intent in Queensland in 2010. He argued the immigration minister did not have the power to deport him “because New Zealand is an Australian state” and also asked for compensation if required to leave Australia. AAT appeal rejected December 2011, Brisbane.
A criminal record including drug offences in NZ and in all was sentenced to over 11 years imprisonment. Arrived in Australia in 1996 and his first job was at PM’s Sydney residence, Kirribilli House. Sentenced in Coffs Harbour District Court to three and a half years in jail in 2006 on charges including supplying a prohibited drug. Jailed three times for 12 months or more for assault, breaching a domestic violence order, break and enter, malicious damage, bodily harm, car theft, drug possession, reckless driving. Charged in Queensland over supplying ecstasy and LSD. AAT appeal rejected August 2007, Sydney. Federal Court appeal rejected Brisbane, March, 2008.
Had a serious drug problem. In 1980 sentenced to five years in prison for aggravated robbery and other offences in Auckland. After his release he came to Australia and was arrested in Cairns for possession and sentenced to a year in prison. Deported on release. Returned to Australia on his late brother’s passport. Went back to NZ and then returned to Australia again, stowing away on a ship. In 2006 returned to NZ to see his seriously ill mother and wasn’t allowed back. Returned to Australia in 2008 after wife won AAT appeal, because of his proven rehabilitation. Turned life around and now runs north Queensland yoga retreat.
Criminal history in NZ includes 42 convictions from 1982 to 2002 for theft, shop lifting, unlawfully taking a motor vehicle, common assault, breach of court orders, conspiring to defraud, selling cannabis oil, disqualified driving and drink driving. Came to Australia in 2007, aged 39, declaring on the incoming passenger card that he had no criminal convictions. Since convicted of assault occasioning bodily harm, common assault, larceny and contravening court orders. AAT appeal successful February 2011, Sydney.
Sentenced to two years and three months in NZ in 2002 after he took his former partner into an isolated bush track and threatened to kill her. Pulled out a machete and repeatedly tried to run over her as she hid behind a burnt-out car wreck. Previously convicted of domestic assault in 1996 and assault against a woman in 1997 and cultivating cannabis in 1988 and 2000. His brother is a member of the Mongrel Mob gang. Gave a false answer on his incoming passenger card in 2007. AAT appeal rejected July 2009, Sydney.
Criminal history in NZ included car theft, shoplifting, burglary and threatening Behaviour with a weapon. Jailed for 18 months. Moved to Australia in 2000, aged 20, but failed to declare his convictions, claiming his cousin may have filled out his arrival card. Committed offences to support his drug habit. Including use of ice and heroin. Between 2002 and 2007 his numerous offences including break and enter, larceny, stealing, shoplifting, public nuisance. Given lengthy jail terms. AAT appeal rejected August 2008, Sydney. Federal Court appeal dismissed October 2008, Sydney.
Convicted in NZ for offences including theft, careless driving, common assault and unlicensed possession of a firearm from 1995 to 1998. Jailed for three years for firearm offences. Came to Australia in 1999, aged 21, “to make a fresh start”. First Australian conviction was for drink driving a few months after arriving. Jailed for five years in 2004 for malicious wounding in company and robbery with aggravation. Jailed for five years and seven months in 2009 for break, enter and steal. In one offence he punched a man to the ground at an ATM, kicked him and demanded money. AAT appeal rejected November 2011, Sydney.
Jailed for five years in NZ in 1996 for embezzling $2.8 million from a woodchip company to pay for his gambling. Came to Australia and was last month convicted of defrauding more than $300,000 from Bundaberg’s Yaamba Aboriginal counselling and rehabilitation centre where he was finance director. Sentenced in Toowoomba District Court to six-and-a -half years jail.
Former Mongrel Mob gang member left NZ for Australia in 2005 after alleged death threats from his own gang and a drive-by shooting in which one of his kids was injured. Committed property and other offences in NZ, where he served short stint in prison. Convicted of 14 offences in Australia, including going armed so as to cause fear, armed robbery with violence, arson, break and enter, burglary. Has 10 children in Australia. AAT appeal successful, June 2011, Brisbane. Immigration Minister used special powers to order he be deported. Now in police custody.

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