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52 arrested in BOP burglary operation

Press Release – New Zealand Police

Bay of Plenty Police have arrested 52 people in a combined Police operation targeting known burglars and criminals.52 arrested in BOP burglary operation

Bay of Plenty Police have arrested 52 people in a combined Police operation targeting known burglars and criminals.

The charges include 11 burglary charges, receiving stolen property, nine charges of unlawfully taking motor vehicles, nine theft charges, unlawful possession of firearm/ammunition, unlawful possession of restricted weapons and numerous drug related charges including cultivating cannabis, possession of Class C for supply, Supplying/Selling Class C (Cannabis), Possession of Class A (Meth), Possession Class B (Ecstasy),

The Operation recovered stolen property, 65 cannabis plants, 40 Tinnies, methamphetamine and 40 Ecstasy pills, a shotgun, ammunition, a Taser and three stolen motor vehicles.

The Bay of Plenty District Crime Manager, Detective Inspector Tim Anderson, says Operation Safe Home ran across the Bay of Plenty over the past seven days, culminating in a major operation on Tuesday 13 December. The operation was also run in the Lower North Island Police Districts, including Waikato, Central, Eastern and Wellington.

Detective Inspector Anderson says the aim of the operation was to apprehend dishonesty offenders and prevent any further incidents of burglary and dishonesty offending across the Bay of Plenty during the festive season.

He has praised the dedication of the Police officers’ involved, and says this operation won’t be the end of Police activities targeting dishonesty offenders this year and into the New Year.

“This is a timely reminder that burglars, receivers of stolen property and drug dealers should expect to be under constant monitoring from Police should they continue to offend. Targeting known burglars and receivers is a key focus for Police. We have been and we will continue to watch these persons of interest very closely.

“This time of year is traditionally an active time for dishonesty offenders, so we wanted to get ahead of the season in an effort to remove some of these offenders and prevent crimes with some urgency.

“As part of day-to-day policing, we are committed to preventing crime before it occurs, hence our coordinated and targeted approach across the Bay of Plenty and other Districts.

“Our talented officers are committed to preventing crime before it happens. Everyone in our community has the right to be safe and feel safe this holiday season, whether that be in our homes, public places or on our roads.”

Detective Inspector Anderson says this operation also serves as a timely reminder to people to take some sensible measures to protect their valuable items over the holiday period – and at all times during the year.

“Even though it’s an age-old message – securing windows and doors of homes can make all the difference between being a victim of a burglary or not. Removing the opportunity for burglars to get into your home is what we do”

Detective Inspector Anderson says if people are heading away over the holidays, ask someone to clear the mail and check on the property. If you see something suspicious then please do not hesitate to call Police on 111.

“Know your neighbours – if you don’t already, make a point of introducing yourself or perhaps look into establishing a Neighbourhood Support Group on your street.”

There is also a short crime prevention video on the Police website, with useful tips and advice about keeping your house and belongings safe.

Detective Inspector Anderson says Operation Safe Home has been a great opportunity for the Lower North Island Police Districts to work together in a co-ordinated operation, and we will continue to work closely with each other in a similar fashion over the coming months.


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