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Winston Peters Speech: Choose Calm Over Panic

Speech – New Zealand First Party

We are in the last days of the election campaign and they’ve got us surrounded!Rt. Hon Winston Peters, Leader NZ First

Address: Public Meeting
Date: November 23 2011
Time: 12 Noon
Venue: Aotea Square

Choose Calm Over Panic

We are in the last days of the election campaign and they’ve got us surrounded!

The big boys are spending millions trying to keep NZ First out of parliament! Why?

Because we know what their plans are!

Why have they turned all their guns and dirty tricks on us in the last few days? Why?

Because we know what they are up to. They want to carve New Zealand up and sell it.

Why are they throwing everything at us? Because we know that jobs are going to be lost and wages will be cut and costs will go up. There are workplaces in New Zealand right now where workers are threatened with losing their jobs unless they take a pay cut!

There are powerful interests trying to stop NZ First. They don’t want any opposition at all. All the other parties in parliament are ready to do deals with each other and their special interest groups!

You’ve all seen it. The absolute circus of Epsom, of Ohariu – sordid deals form parties and leaders that preach to you about principles.

You’ve heard and seen the hysterical personality attacks against one party and its leader all because we have the temerity to question their use of political power.

Because we question what they promised against their performance. One leader being attacked by those backed by huge money.

Advertisements demonizing this leader as the Devil in incarnate because he questions their power.

All we’ve done is say we are going in to Opposition to be your watch dog, to ensure you know what is going on.

To make sure you can see through the spin, the PR and all the bull dust and see with clarity exactly what is happening in your name.

Any moment now they will say if they don’t win you had better hide your money under the bed – that’s assuming you’ve got one.

These are the parties that do deals behind your back.

New Zealand First will only do deals with the people.

We will do deals for families to get them a fair go,

We will do deals for workers to get more jobs and better wages,

We will do deals for the elderly to help them with their medical bills and power bills.

We will do deals for students to help them pay their loans and stay in New Zealand.

We will do deals for those voluntary groups who are trying to make New Zealand a batter place.

We will work with New Zealanders who want to own their own country and belong to it.


Just think about it – NZ First is the only party to state clearly that we are going into Opposition to act as a watchdog for the people!

We never expected such a violent angry reaction! They should have been pleased to hear that we are not power seeking or making unreasonable demands.

You’ve got to ask yourselves – why does the thought of New Zealand First in Opposition worry them so much?

We know – we know because we know what’s going on behind the scenes with the sale of power stations.

We know what they are going to be doing to the rivers and lakes that feed the power stations.

We know that thousands of hectares of our best farmland is going to be sold to a company owned by the communist government of China.

We know they are going to drill for oil off the New Zealand coast and we know it’s the same people that caused the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Let’s face it – the New Zealand parliament needs an Opposition. There’s been something missing for the past three years!

All the people want to know what’s happening – and we’re the people who will tell them.

We will bypass the teams of consultants, spin doctors, public relations gurus, advisers and fertilizer spreaders.

We will tell it like it is and we will hold them up to public scrutiny.

In other words we will act democratically

If they can justify their actions – and if a plan is ok we will support it.


Walk in to any office in downtown Queen St and ask what the government’s plan is, and they can’t answer. They will tell you, these National Party business friends, that they don’t know what the plan is.

Even they now doubt the governement.

Because there is no plan. They’ll tell you National has wasted three years.

Smiling is not a plan

Aspiration is not a plan

Optimism is a state of mind, not a plan.

What was the expression? ‘New Zealand will muddle through’!

Those who say “vote for me or I am off”are not talking about the service of New Zealand.

Those, in these closing days, who are trying to fill you with fear are not doing so in your interests but their own.

Does that fill you with hope?

Does that give you a sense of a brighter tomorrow?

Does that convince you that our youth will stop streaming overseas?

Does that offer you a better future?

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you want hope, NZ First will provide it!

This is for calm and experience over panic and desperation.

We are on your side – the peoples’ side – and we won’t let you down.

And we will make sure you get A Fair Go


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