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John Key speech: National’s post-election Action Plan launch

Speech – New Zealand National Party

The plan outlines some immediate and critical steps we intend taking to secure a brighter future for New Zealand families in a turbulent world.Rt Hon John Key, Prime Minister & Leader of the National Party

23 November 2011

Speaking notes

National’s post-election Action Plan launch

Good morning. Today I am releasing National’s post-election Action Plan.

The plan outlines some immediate and critical steps we intend taking to secure a brighter future for New Zealand families in a turbulent world.

We will get straight back to work on making our economy stronger, by balancing the books, repaying debt, and creating more jobs.

The plan outlines the next critical actions a National-led Government will take in several important areas – debt and the economy, welfare, law and order, education, health, and rebuilding Canterbury.

Each of these areas is vitally important to the future of New Zealand, but none more so than getting back into surplus and reducing New Zealand’s debt.

But to carry out this plan, we need a strong, stable National-led Government. We will be firmly focused on getting New Zealand back into surplus quickly, paying off debt, and keeping costs down for businesses so they can get on with creating more jobs.

Overseas, we are seeing how political instability can threaten economic recovery.

Politicians in the US are struggling to agree on how to rein in America’s ballooning debt, and in Europe instability continues.

What is happening overseas is further proof that without a strong and stable Government, you can’t reduce debt or have a stable economy.

We don’t want that to happen in New Zealand – and it doesn’t need to happen here.

What the news from overseas does is bring into sharp focus what this election is actually all about – which is, who has the best plans for a strong economy in a turbulent world environment.

A number of opinion polls are saying National is in a strong position going into polling day on Saturday.

However, the reality is that Saturday is the only poll that counts, and the result will be much closer than some people think.

Under MMP, you can stack up the parties in all sorts of combinations and the potential for a Labour Party-led stack of minor parties is very real. And the more complex the stack of parties, the more expensive it will be. Two things are certain. Firstly, that a Labour-led stack will lead to more debt – around $21 billion over four years collectively so far. Secondly, it will stack up more costs and burdens on business – Labour has 10 big extra costs of their own – and that means fewer jobs for New Zealanders.

New Zealand can’t afford that recipe.

As you all know, after my visit to the South Island yesterday, I will be on our campaign bus tomorrow and Friday visiting towns and cities throughout the North Island. I will be campaigning hard right up to Friday night, seeking every party vote I can for National. So my message to New Zealanders is this – only a party vote for National can deliver the strong, stable, government that New Zealand needs in these uncertain economic times.

Only a party vote for National will mean less debt, more jobs and a brighter future for New Zealand.

I say to New Zealanders, your party vote is vital under MMP. Every vote is vital to ensure a strong and stable National-led Government. Thank you.

Visit the post-election Action Plan at:

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