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Gaiety Hall in Akaroa closes

Press Release – Christchurch City Council

The Gaiety Hall in Akaroa will close until further notice at the end of today (Friday 25 November). Friday 25 November 2011
Gaiety Hall in Akaroa closes

The Gaiety Hall in Akaroa will close until further notice at the end of today (Friday 25 November).

After completing a detailed engineering evaluation of the facility in Rue Jolie, engineers have recommended that the Gaiety Hall should close until it is earthquake strengthened.

The polling booth for the General Election on Saturday 26 November will now be at the Akaroa Sports Complex, 28 Rue Jolie.

The venue’s main hall has been open since the 22 February earthquake after it received a green placard following a level two engineering assessment. The supper room, which received a yellow placard, has been closed since then.

A level two assessment is a visual inspection of the inside and outside of the building to identify any obvious structural damage. This latest assessment is a more detailed inspection of the building, including an estimation of its capacity to withstand future earthquakes or significant aftershocks.

Christchurch City Council Community Services Manager Michael Aitken says the Council is aware that the Gaiety Hall is an important facility for the community.

“We’re conscious that this will cause some inconvenience for members of the Akaroa community and others who have booked the venue for upcoming events. However, the safety of those using the facility is paramount and we must ensure they are not put at risk in the event of future earthquakes or aftershocks.”

Cost estimates for the repairs are now being investigated. As Gaiety Hall is of historical significance, all recommendations will go to Council for approval. There is currently no timeframe for when this will occur.

There will be a managed retrieval for community groups who have possessions in the hall.

“We will keep the community informed about progress,” Mr Aitken says.


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