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Citizen-A: Bomber Bradbury, Jon Stephenson, Phoebe Fletcher

Article – Citizen-A

Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury delivers his weekly current affairs programme Citizen-A! This week Bomber, Jon Stephenson and Phoebe Fletcher discuss Tea Party Tapes; Drug tests for beneficiaries; New Zealand’s role in the War On Terror in Afghanistan.

Bomber Bradbury’s – Citizen-A!

Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury delivers his weekly current affairs programme Citizen-A!

Citizen A this week Featuring Bomber Bradbury, Jon Stephenson and Phoebe Fletcher.

Topics this week:

    Issue 1 – Week 3 of our 3 week election campaign, and suddenly the sleep walk to victory by National looks like a train wreck in slow motion. Have the Epsom Tea Party Tapes managed to sink John Key?

    Issue 2: Drug testing beneficiaries – can social welfare reforms become any more intrusive?

    Issue 3: Ten years ago this week, the Taliban fled Kabul as Operation Enduring Freedom reached the gates of the Afghan capital. A decade later, what are we still doing there and have we focussed enough on NZs role in this war during the election?

Plus there’s a final word from each of the panel.

Citizen-A broadcasts on Sky channel 89 & Freeview channel 21 on Thursday and Sunday evenings. Also, check out Bomber on Facebook…

The show broadcasts weekly on Triangle/Stratos TV and on Scoop. Bomber also posts on the Tumeke! blog:

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