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Auckland Airport Urges Kiwis to Vote

Press Release – Auckland Airport

New Zealand’s politicians are not the only ones after your vote of confidence – Auckland Airport is calling on all Kiwis to vote in a prestigious global airport survey, the results of which will determine the 10 best airports in the world as part of the …22 November, 2011

Auckland Airport Urges Kiwis to Vote

New Zealand’s politicians are not the only ones after your vote of confidence – Auckland Airport is calling on all Kiwis to vote in a prestigious global airport survey, the results of which will determine the 10 best airports in the world as part of the 2012 SKYTRAX World Airport Awards.

This year Auckland Airport, where more than 70 per cent of all travellers to New Zealand arrive or depart, was voted by travellers as the best airport in the Australia Pacific region for the 3rd year running and the 8th best airport in the world – up from 9th in 2010 – out of a possible 500. It is the only airport from the Australia Pacific region to make the top-10 global list in the past three years.

The 2011 SKYTRAX World Airport Awards were based on survey results from 11.38 million questionnaires completed by more than 100 different nationalities of airline passengers in 2010/2011, covering more than 240 airports worldwide. The survey evaluates traveller experiences across 39 parts of the airport experience – from check-in, arrivals, to trolleys, cleanliness and the shopping experience. The survey is held in high esteem for its clarity of process, independence and rigorously applied rules.

“Improving the passenger experience and making journeys better are the key to delivering a world-class service to everyone who steps foot into any airport around the world, and this is certainly our primary goal at Auckland Airport,” says Auckland Airport Chief Executive, Simon Moutter.

According to Mr Moutter, using technology to improve passenger experience is crucial.

“For instance, we have worked with Customs to roll-out SmartGate, which allows faster passport processing for New Zealanders and Australians. We have also seen a great response from passengers who can text through their feedback on our bathrooms. It means that passengers can have a hand in helping us improve an important aspect of the overall airport experience.”

“In addition, we worked with MAF Biosecurity on its transition to faster biosecurity screening to help low risk travellers like many New Zealanders and Australians, get through the arrivals process more quickly.”

“These new processes were really put through their paces during RWC 2011 where the Airport community maintained processing time performance at world-class levels throughout the tournament. We facilitated some 880,000 international arrivals or departures during the event and massive amounts of RWC related freight was moved around the country. ”

“This outstanding performance during the RWC exemplified the Auckland Airport experience where everyone played a part in creating a wonderful atmosphere to help enhance New Zealand’s reputation as a great place to visit.”

Auckland Mayor Len Brown also urged Aucklanders to show their pride in Auckland Airport.

“I encourage all Aucklanders to take a few minutes to vote in the 2012 Skytrax World Airport awards. Auckland Airport is a thriving economic growth engine which will play a huge part in Auckland becoming the world’s most liveable city. As we saw in the recent RWC, Auckland knows how to put on a great event, and the visitor experience started the moment they landed at the airport. Auckland is already recognised as having one of the best airports in the world, and that’s something for all of us to be proud of. So please, show your pride and vote.”

Other initiatives Auckland Airport has undertaken this year include:

• Revamping the international arrivals corridor and public hall including opening a new world-class and award-winning international departures retail area

• Forming a strategic alliance with Queenstown Airport, which provides huge benefits for Queenstown and shows Auckland’s commitment to strengthening regional growth

• Following the devastating Christchurch earthquake, Auckland Airport assisted thousands of displaced passengers and contributed significant resource and expertise to the on-going Christchurch recovery

• Opening a number of important new air-connections with Asia, the world’s fastest growing economic region

• Opening two new airport hotels (Novotel and Formule1)

• Launching a new online parking tool which means travellers can save up to 50 per cent on their parking when they book online. Plus there is a much wider range of parking options.

• Offering a new car grooming facility at the domestic terminal so travellers can get their cars fully serviced while they’re away

• Improving access to the airport. The Airbus now goes to and from the Airport to the CBD every 10 minutes

• Improving the new inter-terminal bus and offers better disability access options

• Launching a new campervan facility for the free independent traveller market

• Being named the only company to be a finalist in all five categories of the Sustainable 60 awards run by Fairfax and PWC.

• Continuing with our long-term community and sponsorships programme

• Working with the new Auckland Super-City on tourism, trade and transport planning and economic development initiatives.

To vote in the 2012 SKYTRAX World Airport Awards go to Voting is open until 28 February 2012.


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